Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mem()r!es ()f M!dn!ght

We've both known each other since years,
We laughed and cried together when we were small.
Remember how we used to hide under the beds?
And talk in there for hours.

Middle school was fun.
We shared all the classes.
Remember how everybody used to tease us?
And then you avoided me for days.

I was so scared in high school.
It was like a nightmare for me.
You held on to me, became my prom partner.
Even though I was not at all popular, unlike you.

I cried a lot when I had to go away to university.
When I hugged you goodbye, it felt as if I was going to die.
The look of your face, the tears of my eyes...
I couldn't believe that I wasn't going to see you for years.

Remember how we used to talk till late nights?
And when the clock struck was time for me to go to bed.
I never slept.
I cried thinking about you.
About us!

You were there for me when I needed you.
Always made me feel good.
You were my best friend...
And I didn't realize when my feelings for you changed.

I was glad when I was going home for my holidays.
I couldn't wait to jump into your arms.
Couldn't wait to see your face.
Couldn't wait to be with you!

When I arrived...i realized that things had changed.
There was someone else who had filled my empty place.
I couldn't cry. Nor could I be happy.
I decided to keep quite and not spoil things between you and me.

So here I am, back to Uni.
It's night and you haven't called tonight.
I feel lonely and scared.
But this time you are not here to dry my tears.

I want to feel you hold my hands like before.
I need you to tell me it's all right.
I know you cannot be mine now.
It's just me and my memories of midnight!

I have my results on Monday. That's like umm...tomorrow cause it's already past midnight. Guys, pray that I pass. Lol. I hope I pass!
Goodnight! Sweet dreams!


  1. This is very prose-like. Umm, yea, that age, those moments are probably misunderstood or expected to lead to something big. But, it sometimes does not. I get the point here. But, I am tempted to type (after reading your old posts), you could polish this one!!! You definitely could.

  2. good news! new post! the plot is building up.

  3. it was good thought of words poured into the post :D...i liked it :)....

    dont worry u will pass..just hold ur moms hand and see the result :)..


  4. thats one fabolous blog that I visited!
    m so glad!
    following u from now on...
    god bless! u rock!


  5. and yeah! the template of this place suits the style of writing a lot too!


  6. First things first :)
    Best of Luck for you results, You will surely pass with flying colors and I want the news first :)

    That was a wonderful expression of something changing. Nothing is constant dear, we gotta adapt to changes and everything that comes our way, thats Life! Expectations are our biggest weakness, Never expect but be ready to give and forget. :)
    Neways, lots of advices, he he.
    Best of luck girl. :)

  7. Good Luck!
    Nice progression!
    What do you think of my last post?

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  9. sry, brianna is me... by the way, I have a new post coming up on monday. for sure! :)

  10. All the best...
    n i knw u gonna rock in exams
    dnt wrooy..
    vaisey very thotful post..
    u always become source of inspiration for me to write somethng like ths.

    Cheers :)

  11. Really deep writing! The words just flowed.. nice!

  12. So I think u should take some practice and good sleep.


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