Monday, February 23, 2009

W!nked :@

Okay, so...I'm kinda clueless cause I don't know what to post!
I'm sad cause the weekend's over and I really don't wanna go back to school :(
I had a lazy weekend. I've been sleeping for most of the time. i never sleep in the noon but nowadays I've started to sleep in the noon and cause of that I sleep late at night and so I get up late in the morning! :P
Yesterday i was so bored that I drew something on the computer using paint. Here it is :) It's called "Winked By Pig". Long story behind that :D
So, what do you think? It's a bit funny but I find it very cute :D
Anyways, gotta go now!
Take Care :D
Have a great week ahead!!
Buh Bye!!


  1. ghosts and spirits??huh?no time to think bout tht stuffs!!
    cute pik nyway.....
    btw njoy in skool 2moro......

  2. know what! I am feeling sleepy just now! and that pic of yours, ya, that one was blue in color. k. that's all I can predict at present.

  3. cool blog....I've never seen a young blogger of the age 0f 14 who has such a good blogging sense....keep it up :)

  4. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii juhi nice blog .the panting you had painted is very nice i liked it keep it up

  5. hey juhi..nice one..!
    Keep rawking!!

  6. wow, i mean wowwww.. i find Paint too tough to use.. i mean u have to draw using mouse which wud be real tough!!. u r one talented person.. nice work.. wish to see more.. and wish to know the story ebhind it :P [wink]

  7. im back now! sorry, ive just been so busy. :P thats a cute pic! :)

  8. that is really cool! I really can't do anything on paint. I mean you're lucky you've got computer graphic skills. It takes forever just to make something out of paint! :)

  9. Yeah, fashion is a great obsession of mine. That's a really good picture, I'm awful with paint and any computer graphics!

    :) peace&love, nicole.

  10. cute pik or not thts not my concern..
    i wud prefer u continue doing it on paper like the indian diva one..tht appeals to me more..
    u really like to express urself over the top..thts wat i cud make out aftr i went thru some posts f urs..
    carry on gal
    keep blogging


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