Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dad- The best thing we can ever get!

What we think and feel about our DAD as we grow up...
When We Are...

4 years:
My dad can do anything!

5 years:
My dad knows a whole lot!

6 years:
My dad is smarter than yours.

8 years:
My dad doesn't know everything.

11 years:
In the olden days, when my dad grew up, things were different.

12 years:
Well, naturally. Dad doesn't know anything about that.

14 years:
Don't pay attention to my father. He is so old fashioned!

21 years:
Him? My Lord! Are you crazy? My dad can't drive me to school.

25 years:
Dad knows a bit about it. But then he should because he's been around so long.

30 years:
Maybe we should ask dad about it.

35 years:
I'm not doing anything until I talk to Dad!

40 years:
I wonder how Dad would have handled it. He's always been so wise!

50 years:
I'd give up anything if Dad were here now so that I could talk this over with him. Too bad I didn't appreciate how smart he was! I could have learned a lot from him......

Love your Dad the way he is. Even if he's irritating..whether you like it or not, he's very special and is the best thing we can ever get! He avoids telling us his feelings, but just once...try to peep into his heart and try to see the good it holds...which is only for us!



  1. oh! Know what! I love my dad more than anything. Even no one can take his place, not even friends can be better than my dad. My dad knows everything about me. He is my darling dad. a personal god.

  2. wow!!its tooo gud!!even i love my dad....4eve nd ever!!

  3. Oh, what a fab post :)
    really thought provoking and stuff :)

  4. As good as it can be.
    Sincere confessions ought to get appreciated.
    The best comments for this one should undoubtedly come from your Dad!

  5. wow, u said a lot!! ur dad shud be very proud of u!! good goin girlie :)

  6. well its a good read
    but u should credit the original author too...biggest rule of blogs lol

  7. hey i am almost in tears.. thank you for sharing this one... :)

  8. My dad is the most innocent man u will meet... he doesnt care how the world goes,,, he only know his principles... he adores us like anything even wen he wnt know our age at times !! lovely post dear :)

  9. true...
    very sentimental....

    I love my dad very much.....

    keep writing.... :)

  10. thanks, i get all of my pictures from and this is a great post, its very true. :)

  11. I love my Dad more than words can say. The best thing about him is the way he can make me laugh, and the fact that he hasn't forgotten what it's like to be a teenager.

    What is up with you?
    I HAVE been reading your posts, just not taking the time to comment. Sorry!

  12. i really agree with you
    and yes-
    I LOVE MY DAD!!!

  13. I LOVE MY DADDY!!!!!!
    He is so cool.
    I think he is cooler than me.
    Rofl :D

  14. I LOVE MY DADDY!!!!!!
    He is so cool.
    I think he is cooler than me.
    Rofl :D

  15. Exellent post,all of us only have one ultimate guy who called father and we have to love him for everything of what he already done for us.

  16. Hey loved it totally...Dad is the man...M gonna gift this to my dad next father's day.

  17. well Dad's r worth a post. good one. I love my Dad!!

  18. What can a Dad say to this??
    Now I know why you did not let me use the computer, and stayed locked up.
    Love you sweetheart!


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