Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hi !

Okay, so for a change, I'm not posting any poem today. Instead I've got a drawing to post. Like, after ages, I drew something. I had really lost the hang ! I made it in a hurry...but well, I drew something! :) Hehe. I was just so busy that I didn't get anytime to draw!
So, what do you think about my drawing ? :D
Anyways, I was just surfing and I've come across some great blogs. DO check them out.

And yiiipee !!! I have 37 followers !! I'm so glad :)

Thanks a lot to all of you who are following me and who comments on my blog!
Love ya all !
Take Care


  1. hey!
    nice. tell u something? the beauty of the art lies not in watching it, but enjoying while creating it.

    good painting.

  2. I totally agree with Jaky !! And this was really nice drawing !! Have fun dear :)

  3. nice painting
    if u have made this in hurry then it is fantastic.
    keep it up!

  4. nice picture ,,,,,u knw its a lil lyk d stylised illustrations v r learnin here.

  5. skillz!

    and glad u find my blog interesting!

  6. hi. Well i see you in a lot of blogs comments stuff lol whatever so HI! Your lucky you can draw i can't...

  7. u got 38 now!! :P
    nice piece of work.

  8. hey! looks like everyone agrees with Jaky Astik!
    its lovely n i bet u had fun creating it!

  9. thanks! i just get them from my favorite song at the moment, that one is from "angels on the moon" by thriving ivory. you should look it up, its a great song! and your picture is very good, i could never draw like that :P and i agree with jaky :)

  10. Oh my gosh! Thats such an awesome drawing! I totally love it! And thanks for mentioning my blog in that list. By the way its Ali from Flightless Bird, American Mouth I just have a different screename. :)

  11. looks nice. what did u use to draw it? like charcoal... colored pencils... paint... i can't really tell but it's very nice.

  12. he hehehe another update you have 39 followers and hey thanks for putting up a link to my blog you are a sweetheart.. :)

    the picture you drew was nice.. you are a talented young girl! :)
    proud of ya!

  13. hey! thank you for stopping by my blog. Much appreciated. How are you anyways?

    take cares and Happy V'day to you too!

  14. Hey, thanks for the comment [: Awesome picture, and just awesome blog in general, hehe. I'll check out some of those other blogs that you mentioned if i get the time to! And congrats on your followers :D

  15. your use of color is amazing.
    good luck with artist-ness. ;P
    thanks for that comment(:

  16. ah.. nice hairdo for the girl in the pic.. I would suggest the same for my friend. BTW you've got your 42nd follower in me!


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