Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Keys ()f S()rrow

Her fingers slowly shifts from key to key,

As her worries she tries to leave.

She closes her eyes as she plays the soft tune,

Her fingers gently, touching the keys softly

As she sings the song just beautifully!

All her sorrow, all her misery...

She takes them all out on music,

She tries to forget all the bad that has happened with her...

While she plays her piano...

At least something belongs to her.

Tears roll down her cheeks

And touches the piano keys.

She does not stop playing,

She lets those tears fall...

Cause it makes her feel alive.

Flash backs...

Of him...Of the people she knew,

They never really cared for her...

They didn't have a heart...

At least, when she cries, she knows she’s got emotions!

It's high time, she needs to stop...

She feels a sharp pain in her heart.

She stops at last and rests her heavy head on her piano,

A loud bang followed with silence...



  1. in this world of plagiarism, i have to ask..u wrote it? if yes, great work.

    btw, thanks for liking my blog. it's completely opposite to yours.

  2. great job on it then. u should evolve with time, n mabbe someday reach my levels :P

  3. Oh, okay! Let me recollect. If all this comes out true, don't you think it's more than emotional? ya, of course. you are in the game now.

  4. I couldn't understand its simplicity before. Now I know, This is the best poem from you.

  5. though short and precise..
    its sweet and perfect..

    keep posting..

  6. just read your poems..like 'end'..
    thankx for your comments..
    keep on writing!

  7. gud...i mean its jus tooooo gud...music is really awesome!!

  8. hey! oh so young pal!!!....thnx fr droppin by,,,u hav an awsumm blog,, luv d colors!!! n u rremind me of a lil girl who rocked!!

  9. I really liked this one! I like your blog too! :D

  10. thanks! your blog is pretty awesome too.

  11. Another wonderful poem, and I love that picture!

  12. this poem is so good, i love the pic too, but the poem is so descriptive, you can almost feel her pain. its very good :)

  13. hey! i've actually attempted to write poetry with rhythm!! ok... btw, do you play piano?

  14. this poem is hot and i love the pic

  15. Gosh !! that was dark ... but well penned :)

  16. Hi there. Firstly Staryeyedandscreeming :)) Loved your site name ... Amazing description of feelings... Hard to believe a 14 year old with such depth.. Keep rocking and keep visiting my site. Thanks for ur lovely comments ...

  17. Nice blog you got here ...
    A Lovely touching one..
    very well written for a 14 year old girl :) ...

  18. dear...ur young yet write write well..
    keep it up......

  19. one more thing u got gud snaps :)

    P.S:thxs for visiting my blog..keep visiting :)

  20. ouch!! tht was nice... touchy yaar ! n u knw wat our writing style match a lot!!!!!!!


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