Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I walked through the cold sand.
The rain fell hard on me.
My wet hair stuck to my skin...
As I stared at the endless land.

No moon in the sky
Not a single hand to hold on to,
Just endless black clouds to look at,
And my cold body to be with.

No lights around me,
Can't find a single place to go to...
The desert seems endless,
While my legs ache in pain.

Suddenly it's all quite.
No rain. No cold.
I smell warmth...
And a blanket clings to my skin.

I can't remember anything clearly.
But I love to see that somebody cares...
I was lost.
I was deserted.
But now I realize, that the desert does have an end!


  1. nice one!!
    Not a single hand to hold on to,.....
    loved tht line......nd btw i bot tht book frm crossword....

  2. hey follow the blog otherwise how will you keep track of the diary? :P

  3. we haven't done anything for the band. so consider yea, i consider not to be a band anymore. but i was supposed to do the keyboard/vocal. since we haven't made any songs it's not really active. anyhow here's the name: "Get Your Own Fanny Packs".

  4. Beautiful! I love the picture too. It really sets the mood.

  5. i love it, its so good, but so sad, which is probably why i love it! :)

  6. I really like this one. I just love it.

  7. Beautiful!

    Sorry I haven't been commenting, but that's been true for a lot of the blogs that I follow. I've been busy, and sick for the past two days. But I'm back!

    Really great poem, I'm so jealous of your poetic skills! Lol

  8. how come I have not commented on this. Anyway, it's your best work till date I should say.
    Keep writing.


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