Saturday, February 7, 2009

To Late To Express

When I see the two of you together
I'm glad that finally you're with the girl of your dreams.
But then my heart sinks...
Cause that means I'll be seeing less of you, day by day.

I know that you like her.
You two look good together.
But then, what about me?
My heart is sinking gradually...
And I wish you could see.

You're going far nowadays,
Cause your more with her.
I'm glad for you,
But for myself...
All i can do is cry!
Cause I never realized that I loved you,
Until now, when it's too late!

You were my best buddy,
You still are.
The only difference is
That I want you to be more of a friend to me,
But you're busy...enjoying with the girl of your dreams.

I won't disturb you.
I'll keep my sorrow to myself.
But please don't stop seeing me,
Cause I want you to be there by my side,
Just like you've always been there...
Even if it's..."Just Like Friends". 


  1. know what! you should have told him before that you love him. May be, he was just fearing you would leave him, so he never asked you.

  2. awwee.. our little one is growing up.. :) life has just begun girlie.. fasten your seat belts its gonna be a roller coaster ride :)

  3. wish you never really go through this feeling girlie..

  4. cool poem, thanks for commenting my blog. Glad you like it but I've given it a make-over. Check back and see what you think!

  5. Aww..
    this is kind of sad.
    I like the picture on the top.
    Keep posting.
    I love it.

  6. i love it :) and the picture. its sad, but in a good way :)


Your words mean a lot :)