Saturday, November 7, 2009

*Star Light*

With my ear plugs in my ears,
I stand in my balcony in the winter night.
As the wind blows, I feel cold.
But I still stand bare feet,
Feeling the chill strike me hard…

It’s so strong,
I can almost feel it deep in my heart.

It’s all dark outside.
The moon is half hidden behind a cloud.

I stare at the single star out in the sky.

While all the others are hiding,
Not showing their light.

This little thing is brave,
It’s out in the cold…
Maybe it is scared, but it’s still out
Showing some hope.

I tap my fingers as the music plays,
I hug my knees and cuddle up in the corner.
I hear the clock struck one,
But my heart shows no notion of going inside
In the warm.

I sit in the corner,
And look at that star.

My body is numb
But my heart
Wants to be a companion to that brave thing
That is out there in the cold air.

I want to be with that star,
Because I know what it is like
When you have to stand alone…
When everybody leaves you and goes into the warm.


  1. your poems make me want to cry T_T
    Very good

  2. Very nice. I liked the way you portrayed things and summed up in the end. Keep writing. :)

  3. hey!
    nice yaar! keep rocking, i liked it :)

  4. hey juhi its really nice dear.. keep blogging..

  5. I wonder about the way ur thoughts take me through..I really admire u dear..:)

    With love

  6. u really have a way with words... wonderful poem :)

  7. neat! n the title is really light...nice :D

  8. a fresh lease of air
    cool breeze evaporating the shadow of sadness …
    smooth rays from the moon caressing the one staring at …
    the breezy lines like from a stringed instrument
    pours out…

    lovely poem yaar…
    let the beauty of moon-lit night wipe away every tear of sorrow …

  9. Juhi,

    Feelings of loneliness beautifully expressed.

    Take care

  10. wow... u changed ur pic. huh? nice ...

  11. Love that picture! The poem is nice too.


Your words mean a lot :)