Sunday, November 22, 2009

Moments With You

Looking at you from a distance,
Your hands inside your jeans pocket
With a bag-pack hanging loose behind.

I hide and settle down my hair,
Then I come out to find you smiling at me.
Your messy hair falls on your face,
And slowly you slide your hands around my waist!

I've never had such a feeling,
Never felt as safe as when I am with you.
Just those three words from your mouth
Makes my heart melt...
Oh! I feel so warm and true

Those silly games we play with our fingers.
Those serious talks we have with our heads close,
Those chilling and breath taking moments we have
When our lips touch...

When I'm not with you
I feel so lost and incomplete.
Just want you to hold me close,
Just want to be with you


  1. beautiful dear..
    loved it.. its really cute :)

  2. Juhi,

    Beautiful. Where do you keep getting such inspirations from? Keep writing.

    Take care

  3. wonderful as always...some really great talent u got there! :D

  4. nice!! ur really good with poetry...keep up the good work!

  5. I totally Relate! :D
    I feel this way every time I think about the person I like!
    I really liked this. :)

  6. aww you're writing always makes me smile! Keep up the good work!

  7. ehem ... someone going throgh some nervey moments..!!

  8. looks like you got those 'spl' feelings all over you and getting them every time you see him .. so sweeeet...

  9. Hi Juhi, I just tagged you up. Visit my blog and see for yourself. So, how are you?

  10. So romantic and sweet! I love it! :)

  11. One word "Romantic"

    In b/w, inviting you to read my new poem .. at my blog..(waiting for so long)


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