Friday, November 13, 2009

I’m sorry for being so bad.
I really didn’t mean to hurt you mum.
I’m sorry for giving you so much trouble,
I’m sorry,
Because of me you had to suffer.

You have sacrificed so much for me.
You gave up so much for my happiness.
I’m sorry for letting you down mum.
I feel terrible for all the bad I have done.

When I’m angry,
You sit besides me for hours.
When I’m sad,
You hold me close,
Saying you understand.

When I don’t find my things,
I shout on you.
You leave whatever you are doing
And help me find my things.

You don’t watch T.V
Just cause my serial’s going to come.
You stick by and watch my teenage shows
Trying to get a clue,
Maybe you’ll get to know something about my lifestyle.

When we go shopping together,
You first let me select.
Later you shop for yourself,
Only if your choice fits your budget.

You don’t say a word
When I play the rap music you hate.
Even if your head hurts,
You pretend you like it all so that I don’t get upset.

When I’m angry on somebody and take out my anger on you,
You listen.
But when you do the same,
I bang doors on your face.

You do so much for me.
You’ve given up everything to fulfill my demands.
You hide all your pain, and smile…
While your heart is rotting inside.

I know I’ve hurt you mum.
I know I’ve been so mean and selfish.
I’m sorry for all the trouble I’ve been giving,
But I love you, even though I never show.

I try mum.
I’m really trying to change.
It may just take a little time,
So please don’t get upset and trust me,
In sometime,
I’ll be the best daughter alive.


  1. hey dear loved the poem :)
    its really sweet
    btw you won an award :)
    btw take care :)

  2. Aha!!!really liked the poem...So nice!!!
    But hey do a girl who write such sweet poems really give so much trouble to her mother??i dont think so....

  3. WOW,
    What more can a mother expect from her dear daughter?

  4. hi ..

    While reading through ur lines i started liking ur mother..:)..soo cool she is ..

    Yeah..all the best for ur to become the best daughter alive..:)

  5. Great poem! Very relateable too. We all tend to take our parents for granted every now and then. But it doesn't mean we don't love them.

  6. Thank you very much wink, is that your name? wink? ,i'm glad that you like my paintings. Your blog is really beautiful, i never seen a blog like yours.

  7. :D by writiing this i guess u already are the best daughter in the world :)
    simple and relatable.. very veryy very well written.. Way to girl ladkiiiii :) Mum means a world and u know that.. I

  8. Juhi,

    WOW. What way to express self realisation! Hope you make up for all the hurts you gave her. Very nice and a must read by all youngsters.

    Take care

  9. Wonderful poem hon!
    Keep up the great work!
    Exams?...Hmm that sucks.I'm sorry but I know you'll do great! Good luck!!!!!♥

  10. very sweet...hope ur mom read that :)

  11. Beautiful poem, i read it now with more time, yesterday was hurried. I can see that you really love your mother and you could perceive and estimate, apreciate what she does for you. Keep writing.

  12. now that one makes you a differnt and a sweet girl ...
    more importantly a lovely a daughter ...

    hope all is going fine at your end ..

  13. hi sweetie. Ive made my blog pvt. Have sent u an invitation on ur gmail. Hope ul drop by soon!

  14. I’m really trying to change.
    It may just take a little time,
    So please don’t get upset and trust me,
    In sometime,
    I’ll be the best daughter alive.


    this is really good

  15. Superb Sweetheart!
    Now write one for DaD )/..\(

  16. That was really deep and beautiful. :D

  17. Any mom in the world would be happy reading this.... not a poem but a short story!! :)


Your words mean a lot :)