Thursday, November 5, 2009

200th Post :) (: [Dedicated To All Who Read It]

All my creativity, imaginations, memories and dreams I wrote on sheets of paper,

And then one day I decided to share my inner feelings.

My dad got me to join Blogspot,

And today I’m here writing my 200th post!

Blogspot is now like a home to me.

When I don’t know what to do,

I post, I read, I comment and I learn about other lives.

I love reading your feed backs,

You’re all so kind and nice.

Thanks to all of you who comment,

You really make me smile

When I’m all lost and upset,

You all treat me like a little princess

With your comments that say,

‘Are you really fourteen, girl?’

Deeps, whose wondering what’s up with my profile picture…

Chocolate lover, who I think is a girl like me…

Sulagna D, whose so very sweet to me,

Bella, a cute blogger friend,

And Uncle Jack, who really shows me hope.

Sawan’s awards

Tara’s sweet comments…

I love you all so much,

Thank you for noticing me.

I freak out when I see a new follower,

If I ever be a writer,

Trust me,

My book’s gonna be dedicated to all of you,

(If I ever think of publishing one :D)

Thanks to Yellow Tulip, Pramoda D…

And all the others.

Hope you all keep commenting on my work,

And I hope we keep in touch!

Have a great day :)
Take Care!
Lots of ♥,
W!nk ♪♫


  1. hey dear congratulations on your 200th post..
    And yeah I too think that we both are alike..
    all the best for 1000 th post..
    take care sweety..

  2. Awww congrats hon!
    I'm so happy for you!

    -thinks- Party!!!!!!!

    -claps- Yay!!! congrats 100 X!!!!
    I'm very happy for you!

  3. YAY!! You did it Juhi!! How are you girl?? Long time, no comment. Sorry 'bout that!

  4. Wow!!!!200th post...great congrats...Keep writing...My sweet sis!!!!

  5. hi sweetheart... congrats! keep up the good work

  6. Juhi,

    Congratulations on reaching 200. WOW. Please do thank your father who had shown you the path here. And you are going to publish collections of your poems. Promise?

    Take care

  7. Wow! Congratulations on your 200th post! And thank you for mentioning me in this poem. :)

    If you ever write a book, I will read it as soon as it's out! :D

  8. so sweet of you .... thanks re ..
    and congratulations to you ..

    i hope this platform will enabl you to bloom n flower to ur full potential..

  9. 200?!?!?! whoaaaaaaaa...congrats! :D

  10. @ Chocolate Lover: Great !! :) Our thoughts match :)
    @ Bella: Thanks !! :) Love Ya ♥♥
    @ Jillian: It's been ages since you dropped by. I'm fine. What about you?
    @ Aritra: Will surely keep writing. Thanks bro ;}
    @ Ash89: Thank You!!!!
    @ Jack: Yes Uncle. I will publish (most probably :D)
    @ Tara: You'll be the 1st whom I'll send my book to. You deserved being mentioned!
    @ Deeps: Thanks for your wishes.
    @ Blunt Edges: Yep. 200 !!!!!!!!! How have you been huh?

  11. there is somethin for u:) collect it dear

  12. hey ..Hearty COngratulations my dear..:) enjoy the life..

    Happy blogging..:) and thanks for the dedication

  13. aaawwwie! congo on ur 200th! keep rokin!!!

  14. congradulations on ur 200th post. ! keep the rockin.. :)

  15. just now I was chking at the blogs I follow when I came across your post, 200th infact! Good job.. keep writing! and I blurt out the same lines , "Are you just 14!" ;)

  16. Just a dad here! Just the daughter's acknowledgement itself can be the freatest joy for a father. I have seen your blog a few times. Its maturing. Keep it up!


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