Thursday, November 26, 2009


Hiding under these wings on loneliness,
My skin of life I have drenched with my tears.
I don't dare to look up,
I lie still in my world of heart aches and pain.

My eyes are afraid to blink,
I can't hear anyone call my name.
The door of love in my heart is locked...
It's just me with a cover of sorrow.

I lie awake in the dark,
I want to scream, but no words come out.
My lips are numb and dry with fear,
I no longer no what is happening here.

My hands are cold with blood on them.
Blade marks are all over my body
But, it all has no effect on me.
I've become so uneven to the pain
I have become all that I had dreaded, would happen to me.

I fought and got up every time life played with me.
All those aches I lived with in my heart.
I did not let go of myself,
But now...
I'm helpless, these wings of loneliness I no longer can fight...


  1. hey juhi..
    why so sad dear? hope you r fine.. anyways nice post..
    take care bye :)

  2. Juhi,

    Laments of one deserted recently brought out so effectively. Well written.

    Take care

  3. nicely written..the words just touched my heart..I too am feeling soo lonely:(

  4. n the prolific poet comes up with one more gem :D

  5. Hey sometimes things like these do happen....but we will come out of it!! :)

  6. wow...!!
    u write just as beautifully n passionately as u did a yr ago!!

  7. i would like you to just go back and see those previos poems of yours ...
    some of them really sounded cool n joyful ....
    life is like that girl ... like waves in th ocean, always churning .. emotions playing at its will ....
    we cant control every situation we are in ha? ....
    i m sure, the next time, you will come up with another poem to make everyone smile n more importantly you yourself ...
    i m not sure y i dont get the upadtes from ur blog on mine!!

  8. hey take care...sad but very heart felt write...

  9. hey juhi
    how r u?
    what happened looking very say
    beautifully written
    take care


Your words mean a lot :)