Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Photography :)

Gangsta...Rapsta X(

Couldn't Make This Pik Straight. Dunno Why. Love My Bands :)


Sunny And Me :)

Drowning In Nature's Beauty...

A Walk To Remember!

Out On A Sunny Afternoon

Kick !

Crazy Obsession With My Fingers :P

Bored In The Interval Of A Movie.

I Love This One :)

Sunny And Me Again..


Was experimenting with my nails :)

My T-shirt :S

My sister and my fingers ♪♫

Friends Forever :D ♥♥
That's my T-shirt print :)

T-shirt print again !! :P

Hey Guys.
I was just a little bored with posting so many poems, so I thought of posting some pictures :)
I love random photography!!
Hope you like them.
Also, A Very Happy Diwali to all you Indians :)
Take Care People!!
W!nk ♪♫



  1. heyii girl :) thanks forr eading my love sotry back in bachpan :) uske toh bache bhi ho gaye..

    had an awesome diwali dressed up like a christmas tree :)
    n ohhh ohhh i loved the pics :)

  2. hey juhi thanx..
    and i loved the pics
    and i too like random photography..

  3. Juhi,

    Read the poem and saw photographs now. Again beautiful poem with so much of emotions and courageous promise. Very good photographs. Keep it up.

    Take care

  4. great ...
    thats a welcome change ...
    u do xperimnets on ur fingers or wat? :-D

    ei with a setting sun at the corner, that evng pict would have been prettier ...

  5. G00d T0 see u with a changing p0st, Nice pictures, ! :)

  6. @ Sulagna : Kids ??!?!? Lol !!
    @ Chocolate Lover: Thanks :) Nice to know that we have something in common!
    @ Uncle Jack: Thank You once again. Glad you liked it.
    @ Deeps: Yep. I kept random painting my nails.
    @ Shafi: Thanks!! Glad you liked them.

  7. great pics those! :D

    n u never kick a basketball lady! ;)

  8. @ Blunt Edges: Oops!! Gimme a good tag line !!!

  9. wow..you have an awesome collection of poems do check out
    www.simplypoet.com,a place where poets/writers interact,comment,critique and learn from each other..it would provide a larger audience to your blog!!

  10. nice piks!!....nvr knew u were such a gr8 photographer too:)

  11. hey gal..yaa loved them too.:)

    "I love this one"...who was it?? heheh

    and wel taken pics ..say hi to ur sis ..:)

    Good work..

  12. loved them too dear:)..nice pics:)...

  13. @ Simply Poet: Thanks. I'll surely check out that site :)
    @ Sakhi: It's been Ages !! Where were you lost?
    @Pramoda : I'm not saying :P
    @ Yellow Tulip: Thanks!! Glad you liked them!

  14. awaiting the next surprice pack to be opened...!!

  15. i also like going click click randomly....liked ur photography..and hey my little poet friend i have a request i want to read a story from u...

  16. Great pictures! I especially like the pictures you're wearing nail polish in. I love experimenting with my nails too and I'm glad to find someone else who also likes playing with different nail polish colors. :) Your t-shirts are cute too.


Your words mean a lot :)