Sunday, October 25, 2009


Sit outside on the porch,
And watch the stars shine.
Plug your ears
And listen to the songs you love.
Sing alone,
Tap your feet to the tune.
Dream about everything you ever wish you could be.
Imagine and let the breeze play with your hair,
If you see a shooting star, believe…
And make a wish.
Forget the bad,
Let there be just peace…
Have faith in yourself for one night.
Make it your night.
Live it tonight.


  1. life in ur fashion..njoy it ..:)

    Good work here..

  2. hi nice as usual ..Ohh! can u write so effotlessly..i lost a few hairs trying to write a poem..poor me!!!

  3. i knew something beautiful was waiting happen...
    and here you are with enchanting lines ..
    thats reeeely one with sweet n breezy flow..
    like the musci from strings ..

  4. y jus a night:)...?,/....beautifully said dear:)...iwod love my entire life lik tat:)

  5. inspiring!

    Juhi, peep on to my blog if time may allow you. got some thing for you there. look for the note posted today [26th oct]

  6. Juhi,

    You do not have to wait for shooting star to make a wish. If you do so with sincere heart it will surely be granted. Good one again shows that one must have faith in oneself.

    Take care

  7. one of the best ones i have read here! loved it :D

  8. hey thanks for dropping by.. :) ... I loved ur blog colorful and full of attitude ...gr88 ...Loved ur poems and photography :)... i'l keep comng here i guess ;)

  9. Very nice! :) Definitely a good state of mind to live life with.

  10. juhi, you know hoe to play a guitar???? now i envy you so much...i sow anna learn to do that..its like a secret dream i ahve to sing for G while strumming on a guitar:)


Your words mean a lot :)