Tuesday, October 27, 2009

**Girl Time**

I've been awarded!!
Yep, thanks a lot Sawan. I'm so glad you like my blog!!! ;)
Here's my award !!! MuaaHhh!! ♥♥


Today, I'd also like to award some rocking girls I've come across on blogspot.
(Boys please don't get upset. Next time, I'll have something for you too :) )
I was doodling about in Paint and so I drew an award for some really sweet girls :)
Hope you like it :D

And, this award goes to....

Pramoda- http://yedilmangemore.blogspot.com/
Chocolate Lover- http://chocolatychocolatelover.blogspot.com/
Yellow Tulip- http://nanyellowtulip.blogspot.com/

Sulagna- http://sulagnablogs.blogspot.com/
Tara (Thanks for your regular comments even though I miss out on your blog) - http://mylittlefashionfinds.blogspot.com/

You girls rock. Thanks for your lovely comments. Love Yah!! ♥♥♥

Take Care!!
Guys, the next post's gonna be for you :D

W!nk ♪♫


  1. now i wod'nt have missed this:)...thank u dear:)...soo sweet:)...its more special cos u did it:)...thank u dear:)...i'm really honored:)....

  2. Thank you so much for the award! You are awesome. :)

  3. hi gal...

    thank you soo much ..:)
    sweet award..Loved it ..:)

  4. ohhh myy first award!!! yipeee!! yipee!! thank you so much sweetheart!! and yes i love the design ..some creative poetess we have here ha???

  5. PS: you have been tagged in my new post :)

  6. heyyyyyy thank you so much.. dear..its my first award..yipeee!!!

  7. i am glad u liked the award :)keep writing grl

  8. Juhi,

    So nice of you. I have been reading few of them and they surely deserve it.

    Take care

  9. Hi! its me again. Isee your blogging is going well. I have updated my blog after about 4 months. Do chk it out. hope u like it.


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