Thursday, October 1, 2009

HerO ♪♫ : Inspired by the song Hero By Enrique

He gently walks upon the stage
Lifts his guitar and looks around.
Pulls the mike towards him
All the lights glowing at his face.
It sends a chill down my spine.
He smiles at me
And winks his eye.
And when the lights go dim..
And everything's quite.
He says,
'This one's for you.'
And I know what he means.

I stand as close to the stage as I can.
Even though it's dark,
I know he's looking at me when he sings.
He sings our song,
He sings Hero.
He is my Hero!

And when the song ends
The lights are bright again.
He walks up to me and carries me to the stage.
He sits on his knees and takes a ring out of his pocket.
'Can I be your Hero?' He asks
And I don't know what to say.

My heart jumps up in joy,
The crowd is invisible to me.
'Yes', I say softly
And let him slide the ring down my finger.
He holds me close in his arms
Looks deep into my eyes.
And when he touches my lips,
I really do tremble!
If you haven't heard this song, then do listen to it. It's amazing.

Take Care!


  1. Juhi,

    Full of emotions and love. One can not stop reading till the end which is just happy & beautiful. God bless you.

    Take care

  2. Hey,
    What do you mean your results were terrible?
    But you studied for the tests...I'm sorry though

  3. HHI Juhi,

    I admire ur feelings and emotions dear..and i wonder abt the connectivity between them and ur age..:)

    Thanks for posting this .. its lovelyyyyy

  4. aha. this one is good.
    keep posting

  5. this is so romantic....exactly the way a girl wants his man to propose

  6. :)

    Thanks for visiting and following me, sweet heart. The post is heartfelt. Loved it. And, your blog is amazing.

    I hope to see you again at my page!

  7. d0 u have the mp3 version of that song? looks great!

  8. Aww, that is so sweet! Hero is a great song. I also love both the pictures you posted.

  9. Oh my goodness - I love that song! It's on my ipod :) Nice poem too!

    Btw, I'm back from my blog break! Can't wait to hear from you!

  10. haha
    plse let me know wen u get your jeep !!
    and hopefully 'he' will be there by ur side

  11. whoaaaaaaa...some cool stuff that! :D

    u r a complete romantic aren't u?

  12. That is so vivid and full of love..

    Nice writing

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