Wednesday, July 30, 2008

HuF...Un!ts R OvEr At LaSt.....

Exams really get on my nerves ! In fact, studies get on my nerves ! Actually, I like studying...but i get bored easily and so my books are closed in about 10 minutes ! :p

I suck at Math! Really badly ! But i like math ! We don't need to learn answers in Math and we don't need to mug up poems ! It's something I enjoy doing, but then again...if i get a sum wrong, my mood goes away !
Units were fine! Not really good! Science was horrible ! I don't wanna know any of my marks as i know that i haven't done well ! But still my fingers are crossed !! XX LoL..
Friendship Day's coming and i gotta make plans with friends ! Going for a movie is way to common so we're all up to some serious thinking business !! Hehe !!
Back to regular school from tomorrow...that means lots of home works to do...and no free time ! I hate it !! But can't help it !
It's my Dog's birthday tomorrow !! But..she's dead ! Sad...I love her ! :(
Day was as usual..nothing special happened ! Had a peaceful noon sleep after ages ! Woke up quite late and I'm still sleepy !!
That's it tomorrow and so special plans !
Later then folks !!
Astalavista !

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