Tuesday, July 15, 2008

BoReD AlL OvER AgAin !!

God! I really have to try to get over this boredom of mine! I mean I'm always getting bored...GOSH !! Like today was a holiday in school, and i had nothing to do and so I'm back to the library writing a post and I don't even know what to write about!! HeHe!!
Yesterday we had a half day in school and we had to make a collage on our school logo! Our chart was horrible!! Like, one of my friends spilt ink on the floor and the other was so tensed because we had very less time and she wanted to win the compitition ! Lol...but it was kinda fun ! Like...we were all messy and the ink from my hand didn't go! (i still have some on ma hands!)
i read this book called "Gossip Girls". It's a nice book and now I'm out of things to do!
Back to school tomorrow :-( Still I'm happy cause the weekend's coming near! But guess this weekend's gonna be boring cause I have my exams coming and i have to study!! God...why does time pass away so fast ?!!!
Ahhh...I'm so pissed out and I'm so sleepy even though it's just 12noon !! Maybe I'll just get a book and go home and jump into bed !! Later then ! Cheers !!

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