Thursday, March 29, 2012

She Drives Me Crazy All The Time (cont..)

My friends teased me, told me that she was a tramp. But I didn't care. 
I sat besides Sonia, listened to her endless talks without complaining..and started to carry her shopping bags while she went about picking up everything and anything that she saw. 
I liked having her around. There was something about her. She was always so cheerful, so happy and she didn't care about any damn thing, and when I was with her, I could be myself cause she never judged. 
She was the kind of girl with whom I could talk about anything. She was blunt, shameless.. innocent and warm. 
She looked beautiful even when she had cheese dripping down her lips, and when she did her funny dance when she got drunk. A funny laugh, and a comforting voice. Yes. That was her, and as time passed, I started falling for her..though I tried to get the thought off my mind.
She was a friend.
Just a friend. 
3 Years Back

An year passed, and so did the other. Sonia and I were joined to the hip. She was my other half. My best friend. Nothing more. 
And then the time came..

Sonia's parents sent her abroad for her college. I wanted to go along, but my parents couldn't afford it. She wanted to stay, but she couldn't. She left, and I remained here..not knowing how I would go on without her. I was scared that I would lose her.
And I wasn't wrong.

We spoke for hours everyday. She kept filling me up with the things that she was upto, the guys who lingered around her, and the parties she kept attending. As usual, she went on and on. And I felt that I had no place in her life any longer. I started to avoid her. I started to make my life interesting. I stated to linger around girls, started to party. I didn't need Sonia to have fun.
We grew apart. The phone calls decreased, we drifted away. 
And then I stared to miss her.. her blabbering, the way her hair fell over her eyes.. I missed sitting besides her, watching her eat chocolates. 
I thought about her all the time. That girl was driving me crazy!
And then she called me, one fine day. 
I was going to meet her after three long years! 

I put on my best clothes, emptied almost half of the axe deo, hoping that she would cling to me like they show in the ads. 

She waited for me. In a red dress. As I walked into the cafe, my eyes searched for her. And when I approached her, she flung herself onto me. Finally I can say that the deo worked for me. Or maybe not. Maybe she genuinely wanted to hold me. Now I should shut up. I think I'm blabbering. Does that make me a girl?

She had the same warmth, the same old smile. And when we started talking, her eyes shinned, her talks were never ending.
And she looked as adorable as she did on the night when I sat besides her on her birthday.
She hadn't changed one bit..apart from the fact that I found her even more beautiful now!

When she held my hand and said that she had missed me, she drove me crazy once again!

Sorry if this was really long. I posted the story in a go, cause I'll be away for a while. Will be back once I get my net connection back :)
Till then take care.
Philo :)


  1. friendship isn't thing to forget... but to cherish for long.. lovely :)

    Weakest LINK

  2. Cute story....Liked it!!....Very neat simple and sweet ...though it doesn't have any twist...I loved it that they didn't find changes in each other with changing time....So cheerful!

  3. It's perfectly sweet :D
    Stay Blessed ^_^

  4. This is very cute. And the image. I am watching the movie right this moment! Loved the book too..

  5. You proved that distance makes the heart grow fonder, Juhi:)

  6. aww loved this story ... sweet, memorable and warm

    the image on the part 1 is super cute

    oh nice pic i love Anne Hathway ...she is gorgeous

  7. another lovely composition...Loved the ending...:):)

  8. Thank you so much sweetie <3
    So glad that you loved my drawings :)

  9. awesome story.. :)
    worth a read Philo !!

  10. Loved reading it :).
    Ending is so awesome :).

  11. That's an open ending. What would happen to them next? I wanna know!!!

    Still, it really was sweet and adorable. It left me wanting more.

  12. Enjoy reading it but I want to know the ending!!

  13. I love every word of it. Please be back soon, darling!

  14. Very pleased to read it, Philo! :)

  15. Philo,

    I waited for conclusion before saying anything. How I wish all relationships end in this happy way. Well written making one believe that love is possible.

    Take care

  16. Juhi, at last they met and hugged. thts wut matters :) happy endings are the besht!! good work :)

  17. loved it! You penned it very very well :)

    take care
    have a nice day

  18. good one...jst a small correction...replace besides with beside...:)
    keep writing

  19. weeeeeeeeeeee..giggles giggles hahaha..nicely written as always Philo ;)

  20. Distance does indeed make the heart grow fonder. Its an adorable fact that we always fall truly, madly deeply for people when they're far far away even if we grimaced at the sight of the other .. Nice post!

  21. i hope that you travel well and light....and a nice continuation of this....really a lovely love story...

  22. awww... enjoyed the read.. d warmth, d mindless blabber, d comfort, that's wat friendship is all about..

    hope ur net's bak soon..
    cheers :)

  23. Such a beautiful story!! everything is good good here. makes me feel light. :)

  24. this was so adorably awesome..!
    i like both the characters.
    and i do hope real friendship also can stand the test of time and distance with the same vitality as theirs did..!

  25. Really fantastic story..
    I love it.


  26. oh wow, this was great! beautifully written, well done philo!

  27. Distance does makes the heart grow fonder :)
    You write beautifully!

  28. what a reader base you have .. simply enviable :)
    it's one another gripping n entertaining post of yours .. Enjoyed it right from the first word till the last ..


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