Saturday, March 24, 2012

I Run To You

I don't even know why I called you up tonight. It's not like I had hopes of you answering. Nor did I really expect you to care..
But then, nor did I think that you'd be so cold. 

The last time we spoke, an year ago, we decided to part ways. But then, we didn't end it on a bad note. It was all mutual. Nothing was working out. We did say that we'd keep in touch to check upon each other. But then, none of us made a move. We didn't bother to ask if we were fine, or if we required anything. Were you waiting for me to make the first move? 
But today, I did make one.
I called. 
I don't know what I was thinking, but then, I just needed you.

I remember you holding my hands and saying that I could come running to you if ever I needed anything. 
That you would still be there.
But tonight, when my world crashed, and you were the only one I needed..
You hung up on me, without letting me say a word. 

You said I could come running to you.
But when I did..
I slipped.

And you just turned and walked away.

Listening to: I Run To You- Lady Antebellum :) 
Picture Courtesy: Google.

I can't write. Nothing comes to me. I'm just stuck in a phase. I guess I'll come back to writing about something better and different soon..Everything just seems dead.


  1. Nice piece.
    Hope everything is fine at your end.

  2. Getting breaks for yourself doesn't ALWAYS work, Philo! My experience!

    Still, come back soon :)

  3. Even when you experience the writer's block you write darn well!

  4. for a writer with a block, u write quite well...

  5. Nothing is dead. And that's the secret. I am sure you will come back with more words and thoughts. Though the ones you have penned down in this post are also make for quite a read. :-)

  6. This is sad, but it's life and part of reality. Sometimes,things things come without expecting, though there were people who always give us assurance that we can run to them, but more often when tough times comes, they were not there for you. But,one thing is sure, even though how difficult today's life, just hold on..and be strong..)

    Hope you're just fine my friend..:)

  7. This too shall pass:)Keep writing, Juhi!

  8. WOW
    Beautifully expressed Philo :)
    Good things fall apart so that great things take their place.Looking at the past will make you miss you what is ahead :)

  9. who says u r stuck... u r writing too well for that.. :)

  10. Nothing last forever...
    Keep writing:)

  11. Writer's Block?
    And wait, you did write all that :o

  12. PhilO, I can't tell you how much this post is ME. I have been that girl. The same thing happened to me. Word by word. It was like I went into flashback and images came back to me.

    It was strange. That feeling you describe is something I hope no one goes through. It sucks! It's painful. :/

  13. you know i know that you will come out of it.if it is DEAD then the fact of life tells you it was ALIVE sone day and the cycle continues.
    its ok if you slipped atleast you know now that the person who promised you cannot take up responsibility and CRY_ write sad stories and poems but vent it out do not sit with it and let it plague you.
    i am all ears.. if you want to talk.. !

    keep going- or else life will force you too..!
    take care

  14. Love this song, try "grammy" winning song: "need you now" from same band. Its awesome.. ♫ ♪ \m/ :)

  15. amazing really! i felt ma situation readind ds post..da same pain..darkness,incompletenesss..u write beautufully! :) gd wrk..keep blogging!

  16. This so touched me. I don't know whether it's real of fiction, but that's exactly what I went through last night. I texted. I don't know why. And I didn't get a reply. And I frankly didn't expect this coldness.

  17. I dont believe you are stuck and cant write !
    this was indeed nice post!
    could relate to me!
    you have penned down my feelings!
    love to read more of urs!

  18. Philo,

    If writing this beautiful truth you say you can not write, then I do not know which is a bigger lie, the one he told while parting or you now. She was in fools paradise as it is very rare that partner is there for one after break up.

    Take care

  19. the phase will soon wipe out... don't worry..

    Weakest LINK

  20. ugh this is heavy with feeling...and people often say things but the proof comes when we truly do need them...

    dont pressure yourself...change you pattern a bit, visit somewhere will find inspiration again...

  21. love the song, love the meaning, love your blog. following :-) !

  22. Don't worry dear! It's a nice phase (writer's block) to relax and chill out. You will come with a bang!

  23. for sum its hard to move on.. n for sum, it never happened..
    nice post juhi...
    let d emotions fill u up a bit so tat u can pour em down here again..

    til en chill n stop cussing ;)
    cheers :)

  24. Thank God you are back!!!

    P.S: Nice post!!

  25. Seriously, I mean that was a lovely piece, specially the ending...

  26. My dear friend,
    You write with deep emotions. I enjoy words of beauty that comes from the heart. Good job!!

  27. Even I can't write now! :O

    How were your exams?? What plans now?

  28. Good post....I loved it...

    I think you aren't getting any interesting thoughts....when they strike your mind...nobody can't stop you from writing....

    Come back soon :)

  29. i have just one question.. is it fiction or reality? its like break-up personified...

  30. I was thinking of Lady Antebellum after reading the title... Nicely written Juhi! Don't stop it... :)


Your words mean a lot :)