Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spin me Around :)

Put your hands around my waist,
Let me lean on you,
Let me feel your breath
Let me feel your heart beat with mine.

Look into my eyes
And only listen to the music playing behind.
Let the beat capture your mind,
Let me capture your soul.

Put your one feet forward
And then let the other join.
Tighten your grip around me
And just follow me around the dance floor.

Breathe into my neck
Hold me tight,
Feel free
And shake along with me.

Don’t look around,
Cause it’s just me
My moves, my soul…

Breathe into my hair,
Feel those lights beaming into you.
Match with my moves,
Spin me around and round.

Let the music get into you,
Let the beats make us one
Hold me.
Hug me.
Kiss me.
Don’t let go of me…

Cause it’s a beautiful night,
With just you and me

Sorry Guys But My Dance Obsession Will Never Go :)


  1. Interesting poem! Interesting blog! And interesting blog template and theme. Kudos!

  2. Nice Blog! :D
    I like your photos !
    The poem is nice aswell! :) xx

  3. gr8 yarr...now u hav strtd writing happy stuff!!

  4. Its awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwesomee..
    Loved it :)

  5. i wish i could see you down and groove top the floor~

    enjoying poem really :)

    P.S. check out my latest post~ :D

  6. Wow!
    Awesome work..
    Dancing dancing and dancing..:)
    Love the style of the poem.
    Some days are never forgotten.
    What a day that was..:)



  7. Yaaay!! WOW! im glad!! :) this was happy and nice!! :) :)

  8. cooool ... thats realy cute one ...
    sweetly romantic poem re...
    this will inject some romance to a dry hearted person tooo

  9. Wow! :) I really do like your poems,and this one's really happy too, it just look good! I really like your blog!!! :)

  10. Juhi,

    What a romantic scene narrated! Takes breath out just imagining and what will it be for those in real?

    Take care

  11. nice...but don't mind..i don't why..but this one couldn't hold me the way previous ones did..!!! can't really quote a reason in particular..but i believe there was so much more soul you could give to this creativity..!


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