Sunday, March 28, 2010

Scared Hearts

She sits under the dinning table
With her eyes shut tight…
She buries her head into her pillow
But the screams don’t stop.

With every heartbeat they get louder,
Leaving that poor kid drenched with fear.

She does not dare to move,
Holding her teddy tight,
She picks up courage
And takes a look at what’s happening.

It’s just like another night,
She can see the broken glasses,
She can see her father’s feet
Pressed against her mother’s soft skin.

She wants to get out of the dark.
She wants to hold her mother in her arms…
But she’s numb with fear

She shuts her ears and her eyes
But she can still see her mum.
She cries softly praying to the Almighty
Keeping her fingers crossed.

It all goes on for long,
She hears her father slap her mother.
She hears more things breaking,
She feels her mother in pain.

It’s late when he leaves her alone,
Picking up courage, she walks up to her mother.
Both the bodies trembling with fear,
Hold each other, and try to comfort one another.

The smell of fear is all around,
She stokes her mother’s cheeks till she falls asleep.
Her hands tremble, she picks up the broken bottle
And smells the foul liquid.

She sits besides her mother
And prays to the Almighty,
Kisses her mother softly
And falls asleep besides her…

Hand in hand they sleep in the silent night
Dreading what the next day has in store for them


  1. Hey Thats a good one
    i pity the poor girl :p

  2. Juhi,

    Damaging ill affects of domestic violence on innocent impressionable mind of a child brought out in a very effective manner. This needs very wide reading, specially by those who indulge in Domestic Violence. I am going to do my bit with due credit to you.

    Take care

  3. Wooww. Very Well written! :)

    You're 15 too? Yayy! I love finding bloggers my age :P
    Love, Koo :)

  4. @ Nishit: Thanks :)

    @ Supriya: *HUgz* Thanks a ton!!

    @ Uncle Jack: You really inspire me to write more! Thanks

    @ Koo: I love finding bloggers my age too :) Thank You!

  5. it was indeed a really realistic topic for a poem..nicely written..:P love to read your poems :)

  6. Wow! It's really touching, really sad actually!
    You're 15 too? That's nice!! :D
    By the way, thanks for the comment!! :)

  7. a poem on domestic violence from someone so young...u blow me off!

    very touching!

  8. An impactful one.... I wish parents could understand that their fights are ruining the child's life!!

  9. congr8s....u hav turned into a lyricsist!!...fabulous...!!
    skool z boring...internal hav begun...most of d teachers hav gone 4 paperchecking...

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  11. good work .. Juhi ..
    But i wud like u to write sth which has a lighter theme .. writings with emotional depth is nice but .. it's more nicer if u can keep the emotional depth with a lighter and feel good poem .. Remember my Mariah !! Jus a thought .. frm my side to a budding poet !!

  12. I loved the fact that you have written it....too young heart & quite a moving step!! I am shocked & curious.......Applaud Juhi!

    Way to go girl.....!

  13. Such incidants will have adverse effects on the children.. one shd take care abt it. well expressed .

  14. @ Ayu: I'm so glad you like my poems :) Thanks!

    @ Chocolate Lover: Yea, I'm 15 too :p Your most welcome!

    @ Blunt Uncle: :D You rock!

    @ Surbhi: Thanks for following my blog. Parents should no doubt try to get what the child feels.

    @ Sakhi: Thanks buddy! Just a few more weeks to go! Bear with it :D

    @ Gautam: Thanks for the suggestion!

    @ Jigyasa: Thanks a ton!! :)

    @ Pramoda: Thank You!

  15. Ive no words for you.
    Its touching.



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