Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just Wanna Be With You Again

I sit on the last bench
And write your name all over my desk.
When the teacher calls out to me,
I don’t answer.
When my partner tells me to pay attention,
I hit her.

I sit on the last seat in the bus.
And keep staring out of the window.
I keep drawing our pictures on the windowpane
And when the the conductor tells me to stop,
I don’t answer and carry on.

Once I’m home,
I lock myself up in my room.
I hug your picture and sleep
Hoping you’ll appear
And sometimes I keep looking into your eyes.

With a blade in my hand,
I lie alone in the bathtub.
I stare at my hands
And then I think about you.

I realize it’ll just take a few seconds
And then I’ll be in heaven with you.
But then I remember your last words
And how you had asked me to carry on with my life.

When I close my eyes
I see you lying on the hospital bed.
And when I open my eyes,
I see a blade in my hand.

I always wonder if you can you hear me sing your favorite song?
Can you hear me whisper ‘I love you’?
Can you feel me when I kiss your grave?

The look of your eyes always makes me go weak.
I want to be with you
I want to see you,
I just want to know that you’re still there.

When I stand in the balcony at night,
I sometimes feel you’re there.
I keep trying to call on your cell,
Just hoping you’re there.

My mum says you’re there above me.
She tells me I should be happy
Cause that’s how you always liked me.
She holds me and comforts me,
But it’s you I want,

Please tell me you’re alive…
Please come back to me...

(Thanks Sonaksha for reviewing ♥ You're a real princess! )


  1. I sooo loooveee this poem!!! <3 Its amaaazing!! :) muaaaaahz!!!

    Well written...brings out the emotions so well!!! :) yaaay!!

  2. Juhi,

    I am at a loss of words to tell my emotions after reading 2 poems now. Sway me is so romantic and full of hope. This one shows true love with pain at loss. Hope to see more and more from you.

    Take care

  3. touching...really mature writing! :)

  4. Touching...
    Balah Blah..
    *Vocab finished*
    Maja aa gaya..:)



  5. my eyes are brimmed with tears..!

  6. That was such an emotional stuff!

    I dont know how to express...

  7. filled with an emotional touch..and melonchaly.. good penning of feelings..

    though I wud love more if u write sth lighter !! :)

  8. Amazing poem :)

    -Love, Koo.

  9. amazing as ever...!!
    u sit on d last bench in vac. also??....lol....

  10. this one z gr8....it was fun reading....awesomely written!!
    nyways wassup??wen r ur results??

  11. Its awwwwwwesomee
    The way you mentioned those small small things.. trust me they were touching.. few more lines.. tears would hv rolled out my eyes.

    Too good

  12. heyy girl...
    how s life....
    yeaa u have it here...
    romance at its best .. :-D

  13. hi. awww this is so sad.
    such a great poem.

    I am now following you, follow me too yah?


  14. She holds me and comforts me,
    But it’s you I want,

    Please tell me you’re alive…
    Please come back to me...

    ....... Lovely!!!



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