Thursday, January 21, 2010

Trust Me...

Give your sorrow to me.
I'm here, so don't you worry.
You're not alone,
Close your eyes and you'll see me.
Hold my hand,
We'll fight through this mess.
Life's not easy,
But if we try together,
I'm sure we will succeed!
Don't be afraid to cry.
I'm here to wipe your tears,
You can lean on me,
I'll support you for as long as I can!

You told me to have faith,
You told me to be brave,
Now it's your turn,
To lift up your head
And face it all!

I promise we'll get through.
I'm with you
Forever, and that's true.
I'll hold you close...
You'll never be lonely,
Just have faith
And give me your hands.
I promise this won't last.
We'll get through this..
I promise, everything will be fine


  1. ur words are so sweet and full of love!! why so much of skeletons and skulls in the backdrop???

  2. lovely words...!!!
    a young poetess in the making...

  3. Lovely!!
    This kind of trust is very hard to find.
    Great work



  4. I hope I meet somebody that tells me this in person.

  5. if that doesn't give a guy strength...then nothing can!

    beautiful :D

  6. Likes these lines.... :) :) good...keep on with your work!!

  7. perfect....
    that one sounds really mature and speaks volumes about the person you are ...
    it s got a differnt tune n taste girl from most of your other ones ...
    and i truely hope the one going through the bad phase will pull through to the relief-shore with someone like you to offer friendly, comforting shoulder ....
    loved it girl ..... and the profile pict as well :-P

  8. sweet dear!
    you know your poems really inspires me :)

    love you
    take care :)

  9. @ Sawan: It's a Bitter Sweet world, you know! You can't only have happiness. There has to be a layer of darkness :)
    @ Supriya: Thanks a lot!!
    @ Nipun: It is hard to find. But once you have makes your heart feel so light :)
    @ Sundeep: Search and you will get someone. It will be hard, no doubt about that!
    @ Blunt Uncle: Thanks !! Glad you like it. You already know what's behind my post, eh!
    @ Rohit: Thanks !!!
    @ Deeps: Left behind my leg obsession! Now it's time for the face :D Hehe! Thanks! Glad you like it! I thought of a change, you know! A little bit of positivity!
    @ Chocolate Lover: I'm so happy you look upon my writing. Your poems are amazing too! Love Ya ♥♥

  10. Juhi,

    Very inspirational for one in depressed mind from soul mate. Very well worded.

    Take care

  11. i like tht explanation :) cheers!!

  12. @ Sawan: Thanks again!! Maybe I'll write a poem on that next!
    @ Uncle Jack: Thanks a lot! ♥
    @ No FairyTale: Welcome to my blog! Glad you liked my post. I tried commenting on your blog, but I couldn't. Don't know why! It's just too slow. Will drop in again though!
    @ Sakhi: Glad you're back!!! Thanks :) ♥♥

  13. You've been tagged!

  14. That was awsm! That poem would life anyone's spirits!

  15. While reading, scenes from 3idiots were flashing in my mind... Amazing emotional connection!

    Keep expressing! I loved the blog overall! It is dark and sweet both! Did I meant dark chocolate! I donno...


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