Saturday, January 16, 2010


Blunt Edges told me that he was enjoying my 'Girls Rule' poems. So, here's another, and the last one :) This one's for you Blunt Uncle :D Lol! It's not dedicated to you. Don't worry! :)


You left.
You thought I’d cry?
God! Look at your face.
You’re such a laugh.

Don’t say sorry.
You’re spoiling that word.
Don’t bring me these roses now,
Else you’re gonna get kicked so hard!

Get a life, you jerk-head!
Move your arse outta my life!
Don’t show me your face again,
You slouch bag dork.

Where’s your blonde chick?
You couldn’t give her enough?
What are you, some kinda perv?
You disgust me totally.

Don’t sit on your knees,
Get up before I puck on you.
How could I ever like you?
You’re such a loser.

Thank you for dumping me.
I now know what life is all about.
I’m so very happy,
Thank you so much for leaving me.

Now that you’re alone,
I guess you should just sit in your Popeye boxers.
Suck your thumb
And cry for your Momma!

I ain’t your babysitter.
Go home and hug your teddy pillow.
I don’t know how to handle crying babies,
So shoo away you little brat
You're so not for me!

[I've been writing this just for fun. So, please don't take any of it personally]

This was the last post. Trust me :)

Take Care!!


  1. that was really nice! :)

    but the pic is really scary :|

  2. Man, if you tell this to someone in public, he will cry. Nice!

  3. Nice one! Emotions were very well expressed for him.

  4. wow...!!
    ♥ d way ur thoughts hav changed:)

  5. given the kind of start with that short intro, i thought you would be gentle and kind with ur words.... but the lines that followed gave me a knot in the throat lols ...

  6. u scared me..
    Nicely written though..



  7. hahaha...u posted that! n then u said i like that! oh hello i have been trying 2 maintain a macho image in blogsville, this ain't gonna do my rep any good :P

    jokes was a fun read :D
    n the pic rocked!!!

  8. @ Chocolate Lover: The pik was supposed to be scary!!!
    @ Sundeep: He ought to cry :)
    @ Chandrika: Thanks!!
    @ Sakhi: It's just the other side of me :D Haven't changed at all!!
    @ deeps: 'Paradox' that's the word for me :D Lol !!
    @ Nipun: hehe!! Thanks :)
    @ Blunt Edges: Thanks!!!! This one was for you :D

  9. that was a very nice poem :)
    ive been pretty good, how have you been?

  10. Juhi,

    Read all pending poems. So you are upto being advisor to girls, good for them and you too. Yes, it is best to get over the broken relationship with positive look. Nice, oh no, GOOD ones.

    Take care

  11. @ Luckless : Thanks Buddy! Love your profile pik
    @ Vic and Sully: Thanks!! Thought you guys had quit blogging :) Glad you're both back!! ♥♥
    @ Uncle Jack : hehe!! Just having some fun! Thanks :)


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