Friday, August 28, 2009

Rocking In My Arm Chair Alone

I am weak,
My smile has faded.
I cannot get up easily
And hug my children,
Wishing them a good day.
My knees shake,
I need a helping hand
To get up on my feet.
I just sit here on my arm-chair
Rocking away to your memories!

Sometimes, I forget where I am.
Sometimes I don't realize I am alive.
Someone or the other has to shake me awake,
Reminding me, I'm here to stay.
My eye-sight is no longer strong
But I still keep looking at your pictures.
We were smiling in them, we were happy...
We were together in them

Sometimes, memories of that day haunts me.
And I see myself in black.
Everyone around me is in black
And I realize you're gone
And I am alone.

Today, on our anniversary.
I have nobody to take me to your grave.
Our daughter has grown,
She is away.
Our son is married
He has not called me since decades...

I wish I could get up
I want to come to you and tell you, I love you.
But I am weak, I sit still...
Closing my eyes, trying to blink my tears away.
I then feel your breath on my neck
And I hear a whisper
Calling out my name
Saying, "I love you dear
And we are forever"
You say.

It's all dark then...
I am in your arms
It feels like I'm flying.
I'm in your arms
You're taking me away.
My breath becomes calm
My heart beats in ecstasy
And I know I am coming to you
I'm sure we are going to stay


  1. Ah, this is something different from your pen. I like the feel here, and I appreciate you trying something different for a change. Good on you! Keep writing!!!

  2. So sad, but very well written! It kind of reminds me of my grandma who passed away 12 years ago.

  3. As beautiful as always. Love ya Cutie!

  4. I agree with Brosreview, this is different but very good. I love the style and it's very straight forward, but still profound. Gorgeous.

  5. u r turning old:)
    this ones somethin new!!

  6. Juhi,

    Read 2 poems now. Previous one was good with a lot of pessimisism. This one brought tears to my eyes. One day you will make all of us very proud.

    Take care

  7. @ Broseview: Thank you. I thought that a little bit of change would be good :)
    @ Tara: Sorry to here about your granny. I'm sure she loves you.
    @ Jaky: You commented after ages! :) Thanks.
    @ Savy: Glad you liked it ♥♥
    @ Sakhi: Lol! I just kinda got bored of writing my usual stuff.
    @ Jack: Thank you so much. Your comments mean a lot to me.

  8. Juhi,

    I hope you do not mind that I have given out your name and url in my latest post. Do pardon me if you do mind.

    Take care

  9. Hi Jihi,

    I'm here from Jack's blog..

    This is a master piece..hats off to ur thoughts and the way u have penned it down is an extraordinary for a girl at ur age..:)

    Keep it up :)


  10. I love your pictures.I should Google some pictures next post.I've just been so busy with school I haven't posted anything yet.
    Your posts make me cry sometimes T_T so much better then mine

  11. thats pored out streight from the heart ... ther is life n emotions brimming in those lines ...

    just when we need somone to uplift our mood
    need a shoulder to lean
    a heart to listen to ...

    there is that spl somone in everyone's lives....

  12. That was such a sweeet poem!! loved it!! will be back later to read more! :)

  13. hi
    how r u?
    how are ur studies going on
    i love your all the post
    & they are always beautiful
    teach me also how to write

  14. Juhi! omg! That's so touching....where do you find all these emotions? At your tender age,the feelings you pen is amazing! Your fan always!

  15. hey cursed,

    well written and captured the emotions pretty well.this was different from the lot!!the dark emotions of life are a perfect ingredient for a good poem!!you use them well here.keep writing!!


Your words mean a lot :)