Saturday, August 8, 2009


As time ticks away,
My heart cries a little more
Each second.
It's already one,
I can't believe
At three you'll be gone.
Feels as if you just came by,
Didn't realize how time passed by,
I wanna hold you more...
Baby please don't depart
Cause I need you now.
The times we spent
Every moment we touched,
Can't believe you have to leave,
Cause it had all just begun.
It's July,
September seems decades away.
How am I going to spend the whole of August?
Just waiting for you
To come and carry me away?
It's three now,
You've left.
Can't stop my tears from falling,
Can't take the pain.
Can't believe you're gone.
Gone away...
When it had all just begun!


  1. very nice post!
    I'm glad you passed them all.maybe the next exams wont be as hard.maybe they'll be easy!

  2. So sad, yet still very sweet at the same time. It sounds like the person you're talking about in the poem will be coming back. It's just that the waiting period seems like forever.

  3. u played with emotions juhi!! well written

  4. Juhi,

    You are turning into a nice poetess. Keep it up. Good one.

    Take care

  5. Thanks Guys. I'm sorry I haven't been posting. I'm down with flu :(


Your words mean a lot :)