Tuesday, July 21, 2009

SiZzLinG WeEkEnd

Saturday night
My mood is so right.
Just gotta give him a call
And bring it on!
Gonna show him what it's like
Have to tell him I have it all right.
Gotta open his eyes
And tell him I want him oh so right!


  1. Hey,
    Noting much
    Sorry i didn't reply back sooner but I think like right when i got your comment I was sleep lolz
    how are you and love you post!

  2. This makes for a good chorus in a song. Keep writing!!!

  3. Here we go again.. ! Keeep rockin!

  4. nice post dear
    keep writing
    hows ur studies going on......

  5. Sounds like fun! By the way, what is the girl in the picture drinking?

  6. @ Bella: Thanks! And don't be sorry. I logged out of blogspot after posting as it is!
    @ Dibsy: :D
    @ Brosreview and Sakhi: Yea, compose me a tone! :)
    @ Shafi: HiEe! U keep rocking too :D
    @ Rinkal: Thanks girl. Studies are okay. Yours?
    @ Tara: Thanks n I dunno :D

  7. Juhi,

    LOL. Rocking week end, was it? Nice composition.

    Take care


Your words mean a lot :)