Thursday, July 9, 2009


They say I'm hard hearted.
They say I just can't feel.
They say I'm hopeless.
They say I just can't cry.
My heart weeps,
I cry at night.
I don't tell them how I feel
Cause they're all just so engaged with their work.
They are all busy,
Fighting and screaming at each other.
I just keep quite.
I do yell at times when I have no other option...
But how can they say that I'm hard hearted?
At least I don't throw stuff around my house
Or bang doors
Or blackmail anybody.
At least I don't roam about the house
With a grumpy look on my face
Or always telling them
About how much money they have been wasting.
At least I know how to apologize,
At least I know how to shut up when things get worst.
If being hard hearted is this,
Then I'm glad I'm hard.
Just cause I don't show my feelings
Even though my heart is over flowing with sadness.
Just cause I block my ears and listen to rock music
To feel good.
It does not mean that I'm emotionless.
It's just that
Every time I want to express myself
I stop.
I stop cause I know that they are not going to listen!


  1. Wow tha twas beautiful and sad in all between

    your better at poems then I am lolz

  2. yes I'm still online and up as ever lolz
    how r u?

  3. Yea sure

  4. Oh well the computer I'm on wont let me on my yahoo chat so I'll give you my MSN email

    you can email me there and I'll add you

  5. this was beautifully sad! u conveyed the feeling perfectly and also send out a message to people with children! great poem ..keep writing!

  6. hey...that was a great poem. Expressed all ur emotions perfectly! :)

  7. A lot of emotions, in this age ! :(
    I tell you... dont fill your minds with all these emotions and all... You are just starting your life. Now, Only thing you have to take care is about your studies. Dont care the rest. Just freak out. let it go. You can't even depend on your parents after some time... You'll have to depend what u have in your hand.( A graduation... Some talent, Few skills...) Trust me ... you'll get plenty of reasons to worry about at that time ! :)

  8. HEY! i just had a poetry class xD i admire you for your easy ability to write about such sad subjects...mine are just strange o.o

  9. I love that picture! I think it matches the poem nicely. The poem was great too. Very well written, just like all your other poems are. Keep up the good work! :)

  10. There are quite a few lines that are prose-like. But, they represent your feelings quite well. It is written quite loosely. Good luck!

  11. Beautiful poem.Have a splendid weekend.

  12. Oh so sad, but well done <3

  13. @ Bella: I'm sure you're better at many other things if not poetry! :)
    @ Mysterious Gal: Thanks. I really wanted parents to understand what kids go through! Glad you liked it.
    @ ash89: Thanks a ton! Keep visiting!
    @ Shafi: You really made me feel good. I don't pay attention to these things. Don't worry! :)
    @ Dibsy: Thanks girl! Love Ya ♥♥
    @ Tara: Took me really long to get a suitable picture! Thanks for commenting!
    @ Brosreview: Thank You! :D
    @ Gigi: Thanks. I did have a great weekend. Hope yours was good too!
    @ Savy: Hey!! It's been long. Where have you been??

  14. Hey hunz. Thanks for the comment on my blog!! Just a quick message to tell you that I'm not ignoring you I'm on holidays at the mo!!

    Talk when I get back!

  15. who says tht YOU r hearted?..!!....well then it isn't true....i mean your poems r full of emotions..!!

  16. Juhi,

    Sorry for not visiting you for some time. It was my loss. Read such beautiful poems. Enjoyed them and it shows depth of your thoughts. Keep writing.

    Take care

  17. Hi, how are you?

  18. Gud .. use of expressions..
    carry on grt work.. may be by giving a bit more time ..
    In b/w check my new poem


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