Wednesday, July 1, 2009

L()st S()ul...()nly U Can F!nd Me...

I wish it wasn’t the way it is,
I wish I could have looked into your eyes
For some more time.
It had all just began,
When you left…
You walked away.
Bidding you goodbye
With tears in my eyes,
Letting go off your hand
Letting go of you…
It could have been the best summer,
For you and for me…
I dreamed,
But you washed away my dreams,
Took them all away, when you left
Turning your back on me.
I want to forget it all,
I want to move on.
But your memories still lie in me
And I can’t let go of your warmth.
What did I do?
What went wrong?
It was all so perfect, so good…
I can’t believe it’s all over now.

I sometimes try to forget you.
I try to let go
Of all the times we shared together.
I try to make myself believe
That it was all a dream.
But at night, I just can’t fall asleep…
I lie awake thinking where you might be,
What you may be doing…
Are you thinking about me?
Do you miss me?
Oh! I pray you do.
It’s all killing me.
I can’t forget you
I can’t breathe without you, I need you.
Your thoughts are killing me.
My heart can’t live without you…
At least, come back and tell me
Tell me what wrong did I do…
Cause I’m dying without knowing what went wrong.
I still love you..
And I want you to know.
HellOoo Guys!
I'm Fine Now. Finally Back To School! :p Still Have A Lil Cold But Rest, I'm Fine! Hope You're Okay! Keep Rocking! Luv Ya


  1. Hi... its me .

    You too have a great blog and hell of followers too. Really great work!. I love that pic in the header. BIG and BEAUTIFUL. :) I'm following.

  2. I'm glad your a little better

    I had Laryngitis this past X-mas and I've had short breath since then...Hopefully your throat will feel better tho

    Thanks for posting a comment on my post ^_^

  3. Glad to hear you're feeling better than you were before. I hope your cold goes away soon.

    This poem is so sad, but very beautiful. Once again, you've written another poem that I relate to a lot. I had a a very similar experience recently with a close friend of mine. Nice job! :)

  4. im glad that you feel better, good luck with your exams! and great poem! :)

  5. Hello .. hw r u.. world's youngest poetess..
    ur this stuff was really likeable..

    In b/w check out my new post after a long 2 months..

  6. HI its me again... thanks for stopping by my blog.

    5'5 .... cool! thats so cool. Its really hard to find girls above 5, i mean in india.

    I like poems ...But i like more when its played by some sweet voice. :)

  7. verreee nice....btw howz ur 10th goin....???


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