Saturday, April 25, 2009

A!n't N() Barb!e

I’ve had enough.
I’m sick of pretending.
Fine dude,
I’ve been good.
But now,
I’m sick of being who you want me to be.

What do you think you are?
You think you can make me dance on your fingers?
Get a life!
Get lost!
Cause you’re forcing me to show you my true colors!

You really wanna play?
You really want me to come out of my shell, don’t you?
When I do, don’t tell me that I’ve changed.
Cause all this while I was living according to you!

I have a life.
Don’t forget I’m human!
Ain’t any Barbie that you can play with me,
Make me sit and stand when ever you wish to!

Go out.
Get going.
Lick that shit of yours.
Cause now I’ve had enough.
And no longer am I gonna be that good lil girl of yours!


  1. This is your attempt at being kinda dark, innit? Lot of anger there!!!

    Realistically, this could have been foreseen as both were pretending rather than being honest with each other. I mean, even the girl - "Cause you’re forcing me to show you my true colors!"

    I like the furious feel to this!!! But, I reckon you could polish this to make it a good song. Or, may be just the structure. I have noticed most of your writings to be very much song-ish. Nice!!! I like that!!!

    Keep writing!!!

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  3. So much anger and passion. You can tell you feel strongly about this.

    I have to agree with Brosreview on he structure. It could make a great angry-girlpower-rock song. lolz

    I really like the message in this! keep it up!

  4. now this just does not sync. anger- fine, feelings- fine. but this just goes to say the girl has been pretending all the while. and she herself says her true colours are not nice. but keep going, and like others have posted, polish it a bit. It can make a nice song.

  5. Nice one dere...:)
    Where have u been dear..hvnt heard frm u for a long wats happ at ur end..Done wid

  6. Noicee !! ;) Bad Bad gurl !:D


  7. Lovely poem!

    Hey i awarded you so go grab your award and if you feel like you can award some others too!


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