Monday, January 12, 2009

M Back :)

Hey Guys !
I'm back..
Huf...exams were a mess ! Actually, my exams got postponed and so I still have one paper to go.
Anyways I Hope all of you had a great New Year ! I had loads of fun too! :)
So, here's my new poem :D Hope you all like it !

As this year comes to an end,
I go back in my mind to the past
To have a glimpse of my deeds...
And I realize that this is not where I wanted to land.
Didn't work hard enough,
Wasted everything I got,
Grades slept down...
And then I sat and cried.
Lied, and broke hearts,
Lost even the best things I had.
Most importantly, I lost my real self,
My identity.
So this coming year,
I'm gonna forget it all.
Step up, and search for the girl,
I once used to be!


  1. i can relate 2 it..........
    damn!!i never 8th seriouly.......
    cried when i got my terrble marks:(

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  3. Thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog!!!

    your blog is awesome!!


  4. I guess that's a resolution. I don't know you to well, but that sounds like a good idea. Any change for the better is...well...better. - Bob

  5. I am doing great!!
    And looking forward to vacation!
    Even if it's still 5 months away.
    LOL, I know 2009 is going to be busy, for simple fact that my parents have planned everything out to a T!
    How about you?

  6. hey, glad your back!! :D

    i like your new poem, its very easy for me to relate to

  7. Nice poem.

    grace and peace,

  8. Hi! Thanks for the comment! Eleven is by Lauren Myracle and was a good book. At some parts it was kind of weird, but it was a really good book generally. I'm pretty sure the author wrote another book called twelve and a book called 13. I will probably read those because i liked this one a lot.

    Yay exams are over! =D

  9. i hope your poem projects the future. :)

  10. You're so good at writing. It's almost like you
    Can read my thoughts and make poems out of them.



Your words mean a lot :)