Friday, January 30, 2009

Fed Up! I Mean It

Hi Guys!
Trust me, today I'm totally fed up. And I mean it. When I say totally, it's like really! So, anyways here's a poem I wrote last night. Suggest me a title for it! :)

The stars shine brightly,
While I sit and cry.

The cold wind pinches me piercingly
Which sends a chill down my spine.
I hug my knees And sit on the stairs,
I look up to the black sky

And try to figure out my life.
An owl hoots on the tree,

The breeze blows
And dries my tears.
I feel cold
I see the moons smiling face.
And that is when I realize...

That the night is my only companion!


  1. Oh, just the poem with theme of life I believe in the same way of life. If someone leaves you, loneliness can sometimes be your best friend,

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  3. Hey Juhi! I have nominated to "I love you blog". go to my blog and read for yourself.

  4. I tagged you~ Go to my blog for more info
    Great peom by the way!

  5. thanks :) and check out my blog!! :)

  6. Another beautiful poem! You're a very talented writer. I think a good title for this poem might be "A Friend In The Night". I'm sorry to hear you're fed up. I hope you feel better soon.

  7. its cool, i like it.
    umm, not sure for a title :S


  8. thanks! and for the title: i agree with tara, i think it should be "A Friend in the Night" :)

  9. hey it's me vLo. the reason why i'm using a diferent account is becuz.. being the idiot i am. i lost my old email's password which is why I'm using a different account. and i'm following you using this account. so anyhow... great poem again and ciao!

  10. How do we see the moon? Moon is Its all about "REFLECTIONS" dear Juhi! Lovely poem, but how about writing about the Sun this time? Sun is all about light ... No Reflections! Love, Papa.

  11. nice one........but r u so lonely??
    no wries!!even me!!

  12. i felt so close to myself reading this ... nice !!

    title : "My only companion"

    :) blogrolling u .. do visit my other blog "my world in words" too

  13. hi juhi ! lovely blog ! i like the way you are so be the same funky kind of person cuz life comes once and live it at its fullest ! love ya !


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