Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Beat I Love

I love that smile of yours,
So cute and loving.
I love that voice of yours
So deep and caring.
I love those hands of yours,
So warm and strong.
I love yours eyes,
So grey and shining.
I love the beat of your heart...
Cause my love for you increases,
As your heart takes another beat.
I love everything you are,
Cause I know, you are for me!



  1. at least got something positive this time. Good post. keep it up dear

  2. this is hot too, i really like the pic though it's sexy

  3. I like that one.

    Piano is fun. I think I'm gonna like it.


  4. Where do you find all the awesome pics??? Lol

  5. thanks :) i really like that one..describes him perfectly. :)

  6. I just wanted to thank you once again for commenting on my blog. I also wanted to check out your blog too, like I promised. Anyway, this is an awesome blog. The poems are beautiful. Keep at it. :)

  7. ahh thats sweet! :)
    Yeah, im all better now, i dont like being ill at all either, its boring.
    Hope all is fine and dandy with you ;)

  8. I have something cool for you on my blog! (or shall I say fabulous! lol)

  9. I like this poem quite a bit. ^_^ And thank your for reading my blog.


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