Monday, July 23, 2012

Take Me In

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 Heads turn around when I walk.
I bend down,
Giving them a good show.

I tie my hair up,
My neck revealing my availability, 
Open shirt buttons
‘Come get me’.

Legs hitched up over the table,
Smoke coming out within my red lips.
All eyes on me,
Well, who wouldn’t want me!

People surround me.
Boys want to get in with me.
Money I have,
The assets- plenty!

The day passes,
I smile all through it.
But as the dark approaches,
Lonely I start to feel.

A home I haven’t got,
Love never came to me..
Looking at my reflection,
I don’t recognize whom I see.

Tired I feel,
Lost I totally am.
If I cry,
Who’ll hold me?

The world spins,
As I inject some more life into me.

Slowly I drift away..

To a world,
Where I believe I’m meant to be.


  1. so many levels...the need to dress up and show ones sexuality to get attention and still go home alone it makes one feel so empty not to have one to love you just for who you are...

  2. Juhi, despite having it all she is lonely! Wow what a depiction of sad reality of many!

  3. To a world where you believe you are meant to be - Blind faith? :)

    Destination Infinity

  4. very well much beneath the lines

  5. excellent poem juhi..
    i'm really touched.....
    i too have written a poem with the same thought..keeping bar dancers in my mind.

    good work dear.


  6. Lovely poem Juhi..Harsh reality of many women...I've been following your blog from long time....Your blog was first poetry blog I discovered when I started blogging....Your writings are so matured....I need to learn a lot from you....I'm sure you will become a very great poetess and writer in the future!

  7. struck a chord and this was mind the words and the pain.. Beauty!

  8. I said it on Twitter recently but there is beauty in ugliness, and ugliness in beauty, if you take the time to see it.

  9. Aw wow, this is so beautifully written, a tale that is bittersweet, its so strange how we wear a mask in public and yet when we're alone we are someone completely different.

  10. This is very sad and full of despair ~ Specially the dressing up to get attention then going home to an empty home ~

  11. something too hard to appreciate in words!! a dark world you have taken into with this poem of yours, it's hurtful,life of sm1 whu is surrounded by ol da glamour, yet so alone!! awesome work!!

  12. we may see their glamour n their beauty,
    but how empty their world is from within..

    very well written juhi :)

  13. Darkness of glamour and glitz, portrayed as lucidly as it could be. Love the poem

  14. Very well written. The last line speaks on many levels and gives a beautiful closure to the poem.

  15. Well expressed the desperate inside, despite fun and flirting... Nice write up!

  16. Philo,

    Thoughts of one who is not give love which she deserves and has to get it in other ways told so well.

    Take care

  17. Profound work! The shallowness which we hold in this murkier world is presented so brilliantly.

  18. life is like that...
    either sides are parts of life

  19. Reminded me of Deepika's character in cocktail..nice one!

  20. Wow!! I have been busy and now catching up on blogs. Girl, you sound like a woman now \m/ *compliment ofcourse*

  21. Beautiful yet sad..plight of so many women i must say...nice piece of verse :)

  22. As usual this is amazing - never expected anything less from you :P

  23. You never fail to impress me with your most amazing poems.. I kinda relate my self into this..Living wild and free.. heheh

    by the way, I tagged you on my latest post.. kindly check that out ;-)

  24. Lovely one philo! I can actually see it!

  25. whoa... this one takes the cake... loved it :-)
    simple and superb

  26. i always like to read it! (:

  27. really well written, great poem :)
    thanks for your comment!

  28. One could visualize every word. Philo, this one was fab


Your words mean a lot :)