Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Knickers and Love: Part 1

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“Open up!” She screams.
“What do you want?” I scream back.
“Open up now else watch how I get you screwed.” 
I sigh and get up. 
Some people just don’t change..

Sania stands in front of me. She looks beautiful in the sari mum purchased for her. She looks grown up. It’s weird. 
She barges into my room. “Ah, look at you. You look like a tramp. Do something with your hair for heaven’s sake.” She says, picking at the strands of my hair. 
“Let go of me. What do you want?” I push her away and stare at her angrily. 
“In case you remember, Rahul’s coming over today. You better behave.” 
“Fuck off Sania. You’re the ill mannered bitch.” I scream.

“Girls! What’s going on?” My mother walks in. 
“Nothing” The two of us say, together. 

“So, no telling Rahul that I cheated on him while he was away.” 
“What else?” I ask. I knew this was coming up. 
“Nor are you telling him that I peed in front of the boys that night just to show them that men don’t rule the roads.” 
“And don’t even mention about me removing my knickers and dancing on the table!” 
I stare at her. 
She, my sister, was unbelievable! 
“Do you get it?”
“Yes, now get out.” I say.
“And yea, please wear something good. Don’t embarrass me today at least.”

I flop on to my bed as Sania leaves. I hoped that she fell on her head cause of those high heels that she was wearing.

But no, Sania didn’t fall, and no, Rahul didn’t relaise that there was a devil inside her.
She did her sweet routine, batting her eyelashes at him every now and then, and laughing at every lame joke he cracked. 
My devil sister managed to work her charm, and soon the sweets were distributed.
I was happy. Finally she would be out of the house, and I would not have to live with her. No more torture, no more of having her around.

(to be continued)


  1. Ohho! As usual, I'm waiting for more. ;)

    And hey, the title! :D

  2. Philo,

    You have become expert at teasing one to heights of curiosity. Please do not delay the next part.

    Take care

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    Thanks for visiting me.. Following you now! :))


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