Saturday, May 5, 2012

Caressed.. (Part 2)

Yes, this boy made me go weak on my knees, and gave me goose bumps and butterflies at the same time. The last time I forced myself away from he, he left. And I secretly waited for his return. And now he was back. 
I braid my hair and tie a ribbon around it. Slipping into my new lace dress, I dab some powder on my face and slip into my heels. 
“So you really are back.” I say, on finding him waiting outside my room. “I thought of giving you another chance actually.” He winks at me and offers me his hand. Looking past his hand and taking my eyes off him, I walk away.  
The evening passes easily, though I had a bit too much to drink. I tried to keep myself away from George, but it was next to impossible to do so. I kept looking at him. The blaze of the fire highlighted his blonde hair that was now cut short. The white shirt fit him perfectly, and his smile… My eyes refused to move away from him, and my heart couldn’t stop fluttering. 
“Fancy a dance?” He lends his hands out to me and breathes into my ears. Without any hesitation, I bury my head into his arms and sway to the music. “I missed you.” He says looking down at me, and lifting up my chin. His lips felt warm as they touched mine. We danced the night away. He later carried me up to my room and put me off to sleep. 

“Kate! George is here. Get up” My sister screamed into my ears once again. “Why would I want to see him?” I cover my head with my blanket and kick Mia off my bed. “Cause you, Kate, kissed George last night.” 
“What?” I sit up on my bed and stare at Mia. “I kissed George? When?”
“Don’t tell me that you really don’t remember a thing” Mia grins at me and walks away. 
“Send him away please.” I yell and fall asleep once again. 
Why did I drink so much? Why was George all over my mind?

I wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of the stones hitting my windowpane. 
“Hey Kate” he grins at me.
“What do you think you’re doing on top of a tree at this time of the night?” I yawn and pull down the curtains, hoping that he’d go away. But the sounds didn’t stop. 
“Be careful. You might fall.” I say.
“I’m used to all of this.” He says, as he climbs into my room. 
“My father will kill us if he gets to know. You do realize that, right?” Avoiding my question, George pushes me on my bed, and comes over me. “The last time when you ran away from me, I was on top of you. Where will you run now Kate?” He looks into my eyes and I hold on to his gaze. 
I don’t stop him from kissing me. I run my hands over his bruised chest and back. I let him warm my body. We cuddle into each other and spend the entire night just being with each other. 
“I love you Kate.” He says in the morning as he slips out of the window. I close my eyes, unable to believe what all had just happened. 

Part 3 coming up next.
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