Saturday, May 12, 2012

Caressed (Part 3)..

I’ve known George since I was seven. We grew up together. Later, I fell for him. But for him, I was nothing apart from a neighbour and someone who he ran to when his assignments needed completion. He was rich, spoilt. He had girls all around him. We lead different lives. And then, one fine day, he left for his training. We hardly saw each other after that. I tried to forget about him. I went out with different men, but no, none could get George out of my mind. And so, I am twenty-one and have liked just one boy. 

“Aren’t you scared of dying?” I ask. 
“I’ve learnt to let go of my fears. With time, everything heals.” He holds my hands as we walk.
“When are you leaving?” I ask him. 
“In two days.”  
We walk in silence after that. I want to remain that way with him, besides me. I don’t want him to leave. 

The next two days pass by very quickly. I spend every second I could with George. We spent the days roaming around, swimming in the waterfall, going for long drives and making love. By the end of the two days, I knew every scare of his body, and he knew every curve of mine. I hadn’t given myself to any other guy the way I gave in to him. 

My heart skips a beat when you come close to me, and when you put your arms around me, I can’t breathe. I just want to stay that way, not wanting to let go off you. 
But you leave… You let go off my hands, and turn away from me. You leave me scared. My mind goes blank. My heart-empty

I watch George fade away. He turns back to look at me, but I can’t see him. My gaze becomes hazy. I run into the washroom and stay there for hours. 

Months passed and there was no sign of George. We were all worried. The radio was on all the time. News kept coming about all those who died. I kept my fingers crossed and hoped with all my heart that he wasn’t next. I had to see him. He had to come back to me. 

He wasn’t scared. But I was. I didn’t want to lose him.

Coming next: Final part


  1. i hate sad endings.................
    so please................please....please....


  2. Aaah I hate sad endings... *fingers crossed*

    Yet again. Looking forward to the end!

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  5. I'm not fond of sad endings, though I can live with them. Though I do hope this ends well.

  6. oy nice tension in your close to build toward that final part...i feel you in this...really well written...

  7. Very nice...I am keeping my fingers crossed for a happy ending ~

  8. Fear of losing someone.. God, if only there could be any happiness replacing it. Or just a feeling of being content.

  9. Oh my! Praying that it won't end up in a tragedy. Looks unlikely though...

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  11. so beautiful, i love the picture (:

  12. A sweet love story! Await next:)

  13. Philo,

    Waiting. Hope it has a happy ending.

    Take care

  14. jus read all the three parts in one go! a cute love story indeed! hope george returns safe!
    kate's question about dying leaves my fingers crossed

  15. Not very fond of sad ending. So please, Don't take very long to post the final part! Please :)

  16. I knew every scar of his body, and he knew every curve of mine.. - lovely..:)

    awaiting d final chapter.

    btw, loved the pic..

  17. Awww. Couldn't wait to read what happens next! I am hoping with all my heart that George comes back. He has to. I think my heart would break too if he doesn't.

    Ps,how do you do this,sweetie? Write stories that captivates us all?


  18. Wonder how the George's character will be in the next part....Beautiful continuation....Wonder how things end...!

  19. you know how to build up the suspension and make us want for more- I am looking forward to the final chapter- however, I'm not- inotherwords, I wish this didn't have to end...but yet...I want to know what the ending is! ha ha!....that shows you are a good writer because you make the reader want TWO things at the same time- to remain int he story forever and YET to know the ending!!


  20. Dont make the ending sad...please :)

  21. I' sure George got abducted by the aliens... damn those aliens!

    in spite of my corny jokes, waitin fr the last part, PhilO :D

  22. You are great at this. No sad endings yah' hear?!

  23. wishing it would be a happy ending..him coming back with her arms opened wide..a long wait just to embrace him again..

    visiting you Philo ;)

  24. Just to be different from everyone... make the ending horrible and heartbreaking!! ;-)


    then again...

  25. Read all three part and I must you have the art to keep your reader intact till its end. Eagerly waiting for the final part...Lovely piece of writing:)

  26. Can't wait to read the ending!

  27. waiting for the end...desperately....;)

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  29. superb yar! but i really hope da end is not tragic! love ur wrk keep going :)

  30. Liked the entire series on Caressed! Very romantic and experience of love, separation, tease and play. lol


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