Saturday, October 29, 2011

Family Bonds.. (Part 1)

The lock refuses to open. I turn the key a several times, and then the heavy iron lock finally opens..

On pushing open the door, the smell of dust fills me up. I cough, and make my way through, getting rid of the cobwebs that were sticking to me.
I keep my bags in the corner of the living room, and go about scanning the other rooms. The wooden floors creek as I walk on them, and it feels like they may break any moment.
The entire place is covered with dust and the stench of the dampness does not go away even after I spray the entire bottle of the room perfume!
I tie my hair back, pick up a cloth, and start dusting the furniture's. The dust particles fly, as I lift the white cloth off the chairs and tables.
While cleaning this old house, in which nobody has lived for years, old memories make their way to me.
I find old pictures..some of me, and some of others. My parents when they wee young, me as a kid, me with my grandparents.. Old diaries, filled with feelings, and walls with scribblings on them. Scribblings done on them by me when I was a child.
Sitting down, I scan through the things.
I wipe the dust off the pictures and look at them, trying to recollect each of them..bringing myself to the days I had left behind.
And as I flip through the pages of my mother's diary, I realized the pain she felt. And how shattered she was, when I left home, and how she had stopped living after my father's death.

I hold the diary close to my heart, and cry..
I blame myself for my mother being in the hospital.
(to be cont..)
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I can't seem to get a suitable title though :(


  1. what title?that no one can tell u...coz only u know wat the story is gonna be all about....:-) i liked the story tho...w8ing for the next part...

  2. well, its a nice start.. i love the plot and think i know where its going ... but the title.. i feel one can only suggest if they know the entire plot..!! untitled is a good title too :) :)

  3. So this was the story you were talking about. It's well-written, somehow different from the way you usually write. Although, you should have proofread it once (me and my editing knack) :)

    And I like the new layout but it's still typically you. ;D

    (Meanwhile, I'll think of a title, if you want one)

  4. Waittttt, tell us what this is going to flow so we can suggest a title. And you, don't give an anti-climax or me will shoot you! :D
    Waiting .. this much was well crafted.

  5. m caught in the plot..and l not comment here because m waiting for the plot to unfold, you have left me gasping for more! hurry :D

  6. I like it.

    But make it happyyyy

  7. intriguing opening...i usually title it at the end...for what we have read i might choose 'dust on the pictures'...

  8. wow you really have a talent for writing. Keep it up! Very interesting so far :) thanks for your lovely comment btw

  9. the title will come when it comes. keep writing:)

  10. Very well written! Waiting for the story to unfold!

  11. It's an amazing start. I loved the simplicity :)

    What's the story going to be like? Maybe we could then help you with a title? :D

  12. To hell with the title, I like the story ;) post another and we call it anon-the-story :D

  13. emotional
    i can picture you picking up the photographs, removing that white cloth from the furniture....
    i love it...


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