Thursday, October 20, 2011

Flowing Words..Penning Thoughts.

When I started writing, I didn't know where I would be heading.
Earlier, I wasn't fond of writing, but then, watching my sister write, I decided to give it a try.
And so I did.

My first poem was about a cat who wore a red hat, followed by many more such poems which I now find stupid, but earlier they meant everything to me :) But then, those were just the innocent days during which I knew about nothing apart from my tiny world!

If given a chance today, I would love to go back to those days. It's better to be in a tiny happy place rather than being in a wide world, where I get lost in every direction.

But then, once we grow up..our life takes a road of its own, right? Do things really fall into place?

My next poem was about the death of my dog. I have never known anyone closely, who is no more. Apart from my dog. Her loss got me to write something that was beyond the words of my tiny world. What is death like? And how difficult is it to get over someone who is no longer alive?

That was the first time I realized that our lives can end any moment..and nothing in the world can be done..

I started writing more after that. The words kept flowing..and I started converting all my feelings into words.

Penning down my thoughts gives my mind a rest. Else I go on thinking about the things I experience or what others do.

The guilt..the pain..the love..and the longings..
Endless fantasies, and pricking truths..
What ever my mind feels, my heart pours them out. And those words take me on a journey of its own.

I don't have to think. My pen just flows along the pages, filling it up, and letting me breathe in peace!

I never thought about how important blogging is for me. But now, it is the only place where I can be who I want to be, and where I can breathe.. and let go of the things that bind me.


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  2. Even i prefer the old days where i was happy in my own small world... but as time passes you simply have no choice but to get along....

    Writing does frees u... that is wat i do if i am confused or happy or sad... :)

    and thanks for dropping by.. you have a nice blog too....

  3. My first poem was about a pair of blue eyes! I don't care about how stupid it looks now, as you said, at one point, it meant the word to me :)

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  5. my first poem was about subjects i hated in school :P ( i hated to study anyway) :P :D
    and i typed that in a computer language( for heaven's sake, what was i even thinking) :D

  6. As expected,my first poem was about some love lost moron who was having break-up issues and was unable to move on!!!:-D Now all this stuff about poem and things in ur blog,made all nostalgic and stuff.Maybe I should go and pen down a poem right now!!!!;-)

  7. so true and pure.. blogging isn't another virtual world.. but a world carved out of our creative intellectualism.. an innovative world.. I love being a part of it :)

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  8. Its nice to look back on your initial days of writing... it makes you realize how far you have come!

  9. I know how you feel.
    When I first started blogging it was just to pass time, now I just want to be on here everyday!
    Do you still have those poems?
    Maybe you should post them up here :)

  10. Sometimes...the body lives in the present..but the mind and heart still leaves in a far off pleasant past..when the choices were limited, life was simple..and ignorance was bliss..But, I think it is still possible to be a child sometimes..even when you are grown up and wise.. :)

    Don't remind of dogs..I have lost two.. :(

  11. and for me as well...the pen often releases feeling that i did not even know was there and come to grips with first stumblings into writing are comical at times but they are genuine to the time so i honor that...

  12. hey ,
    em back after the deadly exzams i know i missed a lot of excitement here but il catch on..! :)
    missed ya love stories
    and yep my 1st poem was on KASHMIR ..! :)
    and i still remember the 2 lines
    i know the whole of it but its too funny to write down now but yes it meant the world to my and i got a smiley sticker in class 5 for it..! :)
    and this post is very realistic at least to all writers i suppose..!

  13. Well I'm sure we all cherish the good old days and yes a part of me wants to go back too.. Because this seems like a happier place.. But I'm sure a few ears down the lane, the life I'm leading now, would look cozy.. It's all about your perception. If you want TODAY to be better, take those baby steps to make it memorable..

    And blogging for me started coz of reading a lot. When I saw how people could pen down stuff, I started too. My first poem was about a broken doll.. Hehe.. Keep blogging love :)

  14. writing is a process, i have found. we all start off with color and burst and soon develop nostalgia for that small world we left behind. writing is therapy, writing is art. writing taps into that which we can never see so clearly within. writing is futile. writing is riches. writing really is a journey.

  15. I don't even remember my first poem. I sorta remember doing my first haiku

  16. "If given a chance today, I would love to go back to those days. It's better to be in a tiny happy place rather than being in a wide world, where I get lost in every direction."

    I've been feeling like that lately. I miss those days. :S

  17. So much wisdom! The life is precious and every moment needs to be enjoyed!

  18. AAAAAH!
    its been so long since I read your posts
    and I did miss you :)

    Yes those milestones. First poem, first story I can never forget :P

  19. so its a journey...and u transform along it...and each of ur writing becomes an xperience in itself...

  20. Isn't that why many people blog? :o

  21. hey Philo.. long time.. how r ur exams going ??
    reminded me of my first time writing.. seemed silly then.. seems silly even now :)

    Take care..!!

    P.S : you have an award waiting at my blog :)

  22. wow..youre amazing! you can still remember your firs poem..i cant remember mine T__T

  23. Very cute post :)

    I guess every blogger can relate to what you've written :)

    My first poem was about sea and creatures in it :D


Your words mean a lot :)