Saturday, October 15, 2011

Memory Lane..

Take me down the memory lane,
To the times when the days ere bright.
And I was just a little girl,
Who believed in fairy tales.

Take me down the memory lane,
When my barbie dolls were my world.
Put me in to a bath tub,
And let me blow away the bubbles of my dreams!

Take me down the memory lane,
When everything seemed so right.
Let me dance to the nursery rhymes,
And leave me with scoops of ice creams.

Take me down the memory lane,
When I lived like a princess.
Take me for a fancy dress competition
And dress me up like Snow White.

Take me down the memory lane,
When angels guarded my sleep.
Read me a bed time story,
And kiss me good night..

Take me down the memory lane,
And tell me never to fear.
Hold my hand, and leave me down there..
Leave me there,
And don't tell me the way to grow back!

Image courtesy: Google =)

I'm back =D


  1. write of a tender kind of love that harkens back to much more innocent days...nice

  2. Reminds me of the song Give me some Sunshine from Three Idiots. :(
    and doesn't everyone want those days back .. when Apples and Blackberries were fruits .. gah ! Very well expressed though.
    And yay you're back.

  3. They are memory lane.....may be the most beautiful lane ever created...(or imagined)..!!

    Once you go one feels like coming back.. :)

  4. awww.thats so cute and touching...
    its rightly said..its when you grow old you realize that broken toys and injured knees were better than broken heart and injured self..
    nicely written!

  5. Problem with memories is-sometimes they just cause a lot of stress and tension...Maybe that is why,they call it the Past 'Tense'.....:-P Jokes apart,lovely poem....keep posting..

  6. take me down ... lovely :)

    Weakest LINK

  7. take me down the memory lane... beautiful one.. first time here on your blog.. :-) Good Blog :-)

    Someone is Special

  8. that was so cute! i mis being a kid :(

    - <3

  9. My mind took the journey down the memory lane of my childhood days... There were no worries, no sadness just sheer bliss! Nice read Philo. Thoroughly enjoyed it... :)

  10. Back wid a bang :)
    memoirs are immortal !!
    beautifully expressed

  11. sachi! if only we could turn back time and live as a child....

    reminded me of take me down to the paradise city, where grass is green and girls are pretty :D i wouldn't mind that either tho..

  12. Take me down memory lane..
    I knew I had forgotten to comment.

    I love this one. Gives me nostalgia, but I love it :D

  13. ah..very nicely written... take me down the memory lane...everybody does want to take that road..but alas... memories and good memories are the most precious things that we can have...wonderfully captured the dreams and fantasies of childhood :)

  14. Ans i walked through memory lane..superb! "_'


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