Monday, August 29, 2011

Aura.. (part 2)

Like a little kid, she would snuggle up into my arms, and we would lie that way for hours and hours together.
Though she was older than me, she made me feel like the grownup. Her presence had taken me on the path of manhood.
She was like a little fairy- filled with positivity. And, she did wonders to me. She made me feel alive!
The light kisses we shared, the intimate moments we had, and how one thing led to the other...
Filled with guilt, and yet we felt safe when we were together.
The closer we got, the more I craved for her.
The days turned into weeks, and we never gave up on exploring..
The bond we had formed could not be understood by me. After all, what would an eighteen year old guy even want from a twenty-five year old female!
I was getting what every boy longs for..


  1. love age doesnt matter..:D

  2. beautiful .. love the each inch of it :)

    weakest LINK

  3. Juhi,

    It is true that age does not matter if one falls in love. This shows total submission to each other with no restrictions.

    Take care

  4. interesting and a perfect recepie for love smitten people! :D
    a nice post :)

  5. What does every boy want? hmm :P

    Nice post, nice angle :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  6. @ Ayu: Yes indeed in love, age does not matter :)

    @ Magic eyes: Thank You :)

    @ Rachit: Glad you like it :D

    @ Uncle Jack: One must not restrict themselves when it comes up to love :)

    @ A grain of sand: Thanks for stopping by. Glad you liked it :)

    @ Blasphemous Aesthete: You're a boy :) Who'd know better? ;D
    Thank You :D

  7. Pain is something you may want to elaborate.. love without pain sounds incomplete :)

  8. Ah well, every boy's fantasy :)

  9. @ Aakash: Well, love does have its sides :)

    @ Sushmit: Haha :D

    @ Jyoti and Sunakshi: Thank You :)

  10. Some food for thought for girlies and a moment of blush for the bwoys! :)

    'Twas beautiful! :)


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