Thursday, April 15, 2010

You Can Never Be Mine..

We sleep on the sand,
The water plays with our toes.
The stars shine above us,
While the summer breeze blows.

There’s no one else around,
The waves come to greet us again and again.
I lie in your arms,
You kiss me softly on my head.

You hold my hand,
I lie on your chest.
You smell of the ocean’s water…
Salty and warm.

You play with my hair,
While I sleep on your lap.
You guide me, you watch over me
You’re my pillow and my blanket.

You run your hands through my wet hair,
You kiss me again and again…
You hold me close
And whisper that you love me.

Everything is perfect,
Until I open my eyes and find myself on my bed.

You’re not here…you never were…
The only salty thing around me is my tear!

My hair is not wet,
There are no stars around.
The only voice I hear is my mums.

I realize it was all another dream
Which I know can never come true

Cause just yesterday,
You proposed to my best friend
On the very beach
I wanted to be with you!


  1. Juhi,

    I was glued to the magical weaving of words and on reading the last stanza I was shattered. OMG. Pray that you never face such sadness ever ever in your life.

    Take care

  2. @ Uncle Jack: Thank you. I'm glad you liked the poem. Thanks a lot for your prayers too.

  3. I love this poem!!! it's just so true.. i still think about stuff like that, it's just a dream, we get to know when we wake up... :)
    You did a great job!! :D

  4. hey gal... wonderfull feelings...:)good one...:)

  5. niceeee post like realy nice . and thanks 4 visiting . do visit often and yes do leave comeents it lfeels nice

  6. wow..loved it juhi! x))
    I can relate to it x))

  7. me likes...
    very nicely written and it has all the ingredients...

    love and betrayal
    some are good friends but terrible loves ...that's life.
    It's like...
    a burned bridge, a flooded street
    Caught off guard, don't claim defeat
    you could drown here in this love
    If you can't find a way off it

    Some things should never begin!!

  8. Nice :) I like the emotion that was conveyed through a simple poem like this. Hopefully you don't have to go through something like this.

  9. That was awesome yaar.
    Emotion is just so perfect...:)
    Never be late coz in love it might be late..
    Never say it is never too late...
    Lovely piece again..



  10. You’re not here…you never were…
    The only salty thing around me is my tear!

    is such a harsh stuff!

  11. ur emotions r like a whirlpool...keep changin goin every next post...xams gettin over on tuesday..!!

  12. aww~ this is so sad..TT_TT

    (ps. check out my latest post if you have time,,.thanks :3)

  13. let your dreams be realized...
    wishes come true... :-)

  14. ur way of writing has changed these days...u get better every next post...unlike mine;)
    lol...njoy ur vacations...
    wht u planning 2 go commerce..??


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