Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's All Within You!...

Behind everybody’s smile,
There is sadness.
Behind everybody’s ‘I’m fine’,
There’s heartache.
Behind everybody’s craziness,
There’s fear.
Behind all of us,
There’s a dark shadow.

It pulls us down,
Leaves us helpless.
When we get torn,
It’s laughs!

It is wicked,
It likes to see us give up.
Well, that’s life!
Nasty, unpredictable and a scare ride!

It’s a path through the dark.
It snatches every caring person away from us.
It leaves us alone with our shadow,
It feels glad when we are scared!

It waits for us to give up.
It waits for us to turn back and cry.
It waits for us to loose all faith,
And when we do, it sinks us completely…

But if we try,
If we fight and cross the dark path…
It gets torn,
And gives us a change to walk in peace.

If we accept the loneliness
And walk all alone,
It shows us the light…
And gives us hope.

The end gets nastier.
But if we are brave and desperate,
Life gives up
And let’s us out in the light!

Don’t give up,
Fight through that shadow
Cause there is light.
There is real happiness.

Grab all the chances you get.
Be confident and trust yourself.
It’s beautiful in the light,
To see it, have faith and fight.

Once you’re out, the shadow’s gone.
Even if it’s back, it’s scared!
It won’t come out, till you break down.

Trust your heart,
Think with your mind.
The light is there somewhere,
All you need to do is explore!

-Wink ♥♥


  1. wooow!
    awesome girl x)
    nicely written x))

  2. very inspirational.. n brave.. just what I needed when I am sitting home alone @ night :P and feeling scared :P

  3. I don’t fear their questions
    Or the eyes of my family and peers
    I don’t fear the dark,cold and lonely nights...
    Or the memories who lurk in there
    To hurt me again

    But I’m scared to death to call you
    And tell you I’m fine,
    to tell you that I miss you
    to tell you that I still love you

    ‘cause I don’t think you’d care

  4. Aaawwsum!! Well written!! WOW!! <3ed it!

  5. Juhi,

    Very very motivational. It shows what dangers we all face but exhorts all to be brave, face it to come out winner. BRAVO, BRAVO. Keep it up.

    Take care

  6. Wow, quite inspiring, a lot of good thoughts in there.

  7. AMAzing!!! :D I love all your poems!! :) This one's real too, like all others, and very inspiring!
    Great job! :)

  8. Hi to my youngest blogging friend. You are 15 and I am 80 but what a joy it is to have a teenager compliment my blog. I raised 5 children and I can tell you those teen years can be tough. My kids messed up often but thank goodness no serious problems. Just be very careful and try to think before you act. Your picture tells me you are a very pretty young lady. I love your blog. Believe it or not it looks and reads like a really great blog.

  9. I meant to tell you that we have had 3 german shepard's over the years and they are the best dogs. of course they all are. They all got up in their upper teens and by that time they were down in the legs and had to have them put down. I cried buckets each time. Spunky is a beagle and he rules the roost now that he is the only dog.

  10. Started with crude reality of life and progressed to ascertain a hope to keep going in life!

    Among the best I read in near past...very close to reality!

  11. "Trust your heart,
    Think with your mind.
    The light is there somewhere,
    All you need to do is explore!"

    only if it was so simple!
    wonderful as usual :)

  12. Aww thank you. Lovely poem. ^^

  13. wow..i love the lesson behind your poem..very inspiring :)

    (ps. check out my latest post if you have time,,.thanks :3)

  14. wow...dis one is gr8....d best 1 frm theme too...beautiful flow...loved it<3 xams over!!..

  15. Lovely work girl..:)
    Inspiring work..
    Heart n Brain..

    Love reading ur poems..:)



  16. excellent and very inspirational :)


  17. Beautiful words! Yeah, follow your heart, think wisely and it will lead you to the path of happiness.

    Continue rockin'! Way to go girl!


  18. impressive poem!
    Nice to see you in my place.


    Happy Tuesday!

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    thank you.


    Happy Tuesday,
    find something you may like there,
    but I would appreciate it if you comment under my poem instead.
    thanks a ton!


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