Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Past

Bad memories I have so many
That they haunt me all the time,
They don’t let me rest in peace
Every thought brings me back to my past deeds.

I sit alone and feel scared,
The chills of bonded lies don’t leave me alone.
Whenever I look into the mirror,
I hate the person I see.

Not knowing what to do,
I’m lost and filled with guilt.
It’s all eating me from the inside
It has finally broken my heart,
And I am unable to mend.

The broken pieces still beat
With every memory that sparks within…
I feel like tearing myself apart,
I feel like screaming and running away from it all.

I risked life, played with it.
Now I have to deal with the consequences
Cause it’s too late to turn back.

No matter how many tears I cry,
No matter how badly I hate myself.
I have lost and now my past runs my life!



  1. I think u r good at churning out emotions.. this one too.. is good..

    but u graduate to next level of poetry once u start writing the light hearted stuff.. bcoz.. thts more difficult..

  2. RE :
    You should really watch it!
    But dont watch it with a guy, they find it boring. (atleast thats what i have heard. :P ) but its an truely amazing movie ! :)
    Dont worry , you wont miss it! :D
    Erica in Singapore! <3 :) x

  3. the last line was high quality stuff! neat! :D

  4. Emotional outburst...:)
    It was really great..
    A poet in the making..

    The last line was really awesome..



  5. blogging really helps to release the emotional turmoil!

    Nice post :)

  6. ey gurl !! nice blog n btw thnx fo followin me ! :)
    do join me on fb !

    tc !
    PinkZZ ..!

  7. Nice poem :)

    But why such a sad poem anyway? You have a long way to go!

  8. looks perfect nice words i like them

  9. great word formation i love your poems

  10. Juhi,

    Each word shows true repetance. Very nicely written.

    Take care

  11. awwww

    *hugs* this is soo cute .. n sad.. n makes me wanna hug you n tell u it will be ok.. :*

    you are so young.. life should be fun right now.. :)

  12. @ Gautam: Thanks :) I'll see if I can write something light :)

    @ Smerica: Thanks for the advice :D Thanks for warning me actually!! :D

    @ Hammer Uncle: You rock! :D (Totally) Thanks!!

    @ Nipun: Fictional emotional outburst :p Thanks dude!

    @ Surbhi: Thank You!! It sure does help ♥

    @ PinkZz: Will surely add :) Thanks and you're most welcome!

    @ The Wandering Gypsy: I guess pain has to exist for happiness to exist :) One happy poem, follows a sad one. And thus the cycle continues :)

    @ சக்தி : Glad you like it!

    @ knk: Thanks :p

    @ stylechanges : Thanks. Do come again!

    @ Uncle Jack: Thanks a lot. You too take care :)


  13. @ Rain girl: Hugs to you :) Glad you like it! Life is fun for me :D

  14. everything is goin 2 b fine......
    take care......
    God bless ya!!!

  15. yes, i agree , blogging is working like psychologist in stress.

    good post :)

  16. will read later...hav to run now...
    my xams r goin on...ending on 20th....

  17. hey! i must say ur blog is freakin' good! :) loved it! :) and ur poems are awesome too!^_^

  18. something i can relate to:)
    u wrote happy thing a couple of weeks back,then y dis sudden outburst of pain n fear??!!


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