Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Live Life, Queen Size :)

Dedicated to all the girls who read it :)

Show me your teeth
Say Cheese!!!
Laugh like a joker,
But show me some gesture of being happy.

Get up,
Tidy up your mind.
Open your eyes,
Life is beautiful
Just give it a try!

You checked out so many guys,
You tried so many different hairstyles,
This time, check out life,
It’s an amazing brand, you’ll see!

You don’t need to go to any mall
You don’t need to dress up for it,
You don’t need to spend money,
It’s right here, just open up your heart.

Don’t let negativity compete with life,
Don’t let depression win over.
Look at the brighter side…
Get addicted to it, cause this addiction is good!

Life comes just once.
If you miss it, it’ll be gone forever.
You won’t even know when it’ll pass,
And when it does, you won’t even realize.

Live like it’s your last day.
Dream, like it’s all going to come true.
Eat chocolates like you’ve never eaten before,
And smile like you’re a superstar!

Happy New Year TO All Of You!
I hope you all have a great time and may all your dreams come true!!
Have a blast.
Wink xoxo


  1. Hey very nice poem,... i love the 2nd last time... wiz inspires you to eat chocolate... !! Happy new Year .. have a blast :)

  2. awww juhi..this one was beautiful and i completely agree"life" is the best brand one has :)

    happy new year babe

    lotsss of love and hugs

  3. awww.. thats really seet dear..
    i just loved it :)

    happy new year to you too :)

  4. whoa...wonderful poem that...pity u say such good things only 2 girls ;)

    i hope unlike the poem, the new year wishes aren't gender specific ;)

    wish u a great 2010 too :D

  5. Happy New Year! May 2010 bring u lots of love n happiness.

  6. I agree with every single word in that poem! Good job!

    I also like that picture (is that from a Disney movie? It looks so familiar!).

    Happy New Year!

  7. And none of you actually saw this?

    Don’t let negativity complete with life - should be - don't let negativity compete with life

    Happy new year to Juhi, and Sorry abt being the nitpicker.

    Cheers, IM!

  8. Hey First time in your blog!!
    You are the youngest blogger I have seen so far!
    And your blog is amazing dear!
    Happy new year!!!!
    Following you!!


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