Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hero Forever

Yes, I will dance if you ask me to dance,
Do you want me to run away with you right now?
I always cry when I see you crying,
I'll save your soul forever,
Why just tonight?

When you're around, there's nothing to tremble about.
I always laugh when you're with me.
Where should I jump off from for you?
I'll hold you in my arms forever,
Why just tonight?

You already are my Hero, baby,
You've already kissed away my pain...
Hope you'll always stand by me forever,
You can take my breath away!

I swear, that I'll always be yours.
I don't lie, I'll only be yours...
No, you haven't lost your mind,
I'll by your side
Today, tomorrow and forever

I just wanna hold you,
I just wanna hold you...
Just want you to be by my side.
Oh yea,

You're my Hero baby,
You kiss away my pains,
You stand by me all the time,
And you're the only one, who takes my breath away...

I swear it's true!
You're my Hero forever...

[Again inspired by Hero :D]
[I saw this picture in Google. Loved it!!]


  1. I like it.very meaningful.
    Your post's are always very nice and pretty!

  2. Nice , really beautiful.... from where u got that painting ??

  3. good one gal...had tried to answer enrique's many songs!!..he he...:)..loved it:)

  4. it's sweet .. as always ..
    but i wud want u to write sth very different ..

  5. ummm i think i am reading and therefore find hardly any meaning except some words and expression thrown in lines ....

    wait.. i got to feel it like a girl in love and there will emerge colorful, meaingful lines ....

  6. I liked that :)
    Is that lyrics to a song, or a poem?

  7. Heyyy ..!!!

    first time here ... nice blog .. ;)

  8. I'll by your side


    I'll be by your side

  9. This is really a very nice poem..i know i am late.....but i hope its ok....u should write more!!


Your words mean a lot :)