Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Question Paper With Just No Answers

Have you ever tried to see what is behind this smile of mine?
Ever noticed those tears of mine that I can't shed in front of you?
Have you ever tried to feel my heart?
Ever felt the pain I carry inside me when you turn your face away?
Have you ever noticed how my voice falls down, when you say you're busy?
Ever realized what I feel when you're not there by my side, when I'm all lonely?
Have you ever seen my face when you talk about the other girls?
Ever tried to know what I feel when you keep your cell switched off?
Have you ever really tried to understand me?
Ever allowed me to know you better?
Are you ever gonna have time to clear these thoughts from my mind, from my heart?
Cause I'm sick of crying, tired of waiting.
And whenever I try to tell you what's going on...
You turn your face away,
While my heart bleeds in pain.
But you don't know that, do you?
And maybe it's gonna be very late
By the time you know what you're doing!


  1. A test of patience, isn't it? Nicely done! Keep writing!!!

  2. See, I am back to my best friend's blog. okay na?

  3. Juhi,

    Unfulfilled desires while in love beautifully brought out. Well written.

    Take care

  4. That is soooooooooooooo cute !!!

  5. Beautiful, and honest... the two main attributes I look for in anything I read.

    Needless to say, I loved it...


  6. its a nother beau peice from u..
    with simplicity
    i liked it


  7. Very beautiful. I can actually relate to this one quite a bit. Good job! :)

  8. ah!! the pain of love...so sweetly put forward... it hurts badly very badly when the person you love thinks you are nothing but a figment of imagination!!!

  9. ahh that is so good! very well written! hope you make anoter post soon! :)

  10. I like it, it's blunt, strong and as awesome as always ;)

  11. this is great as per usual!!

    I'm baaacccck. Now 16 and with pink hair. Check my blog if you can!


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