Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sexy Lady ()n The Fl()()r

MoVe ThAt BoDy Of YoUrS BaBy GiRl,

DaNcE AlOnG ThAt BeAt WiTh Me.

ThAt'S HoW YoU Do It.
Oh YeA!

MoVe YoUr BoDy ClOsE To Me!

Go To ThE RiGhT.

ShIfT A LiL To ThE LeFt.

k Me In ThE EyEs
AnD ShOw Me WhAt YoU GoTtA GiVe Me!

MOvE ThOsE SeXy LeGs Of YoUrS,

DaMn, I CaN AlReAdY FeEl ThE NaStY SiDe Of YoU.

YoUr ThE TyPa GiRl I WaNt...

So LeMmE ChUcK It OuTtA YoU.

GEt GoInG,

PuT Up YoUr ShOw
LeT Me SeE WhAt YoU GoT In YoU.

CaUsE I WaNnA FeEl YoU

WaNnA GeT It OuT YoU.

WaNnA GeT YoU RiGhT In WiTh Me!

So Give It All To Me,

I'vE GoT My CaR KeYs.

HoP In WiTh Me

AnD I'lL GiVe YoU AlL ThAt YoU WaNt!

AnD TrUsT Me GiRl,

YoU GoNnA HaVe JuSt No ReGrEtS...

CaUsE YoU'rE GoNnA Be In WiTh Me!


  1. Very sultry! You could avoid using the word "damn". Keep writing!

  2. I really like it! Its really like a sort of scene you would find in a club!

  3. Juhi,

    Is it penned by you? Nice and full of promises, though leaves a lot to one's imagination.

    Take care

  4. ohk - it's only my opinion - but i thot the lines were kind of demeaning for the woman-kind... i am astonished to be frank. well, new generation perhaps has grown up faster than we did.

    good luck! have fun!

  5. Hehehehee. Nice one !!! seems you're trying to be a song writer ... cool ! :D

  6. Once again, nice picture and another great poem. Keep it up!

  7. u have a way to make me smile wd each post of urs !! awesome :)

  8. it was cool...
    And your blog theme is just awesome... from whr did u gt it?

  9. Ooh fun! Cool, different!

    Sorry I've been away for so long! I missed Blogger so much, but I've been super busy!

  10. Sakhi- Thanks. Err...fishy! Lol!
    Brosreview- Thanks Mr. Decent. I'll try avoiding that word :D
    Lydia- Thanks a ton! Yep. I kinda got influened with Make love in this club-Usher.
    Uncle Jack- Thanks :)
    Abhishek- Keep getting astnonished :) Kidding!
    Adisha- Song writer..err...Maybe :D
    Tara- Thnaks a lot. Glad you're back.
    Pretty Me- Good to know that. Cause you look great when you smile d! :) (:
    Deepika- Got it from U can also check out And yea, thanks :)
    Savy- Thank you!! So good to hear from you. Missed you ♥♥


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