Saturday, June 28, 2008

I'm bored, that's why i'm here !!

Okay! goes another post from me !
Gimme a sec to think of what to right about.

Hmm...okay, so i was getting really bored at home, and so I decided to go to the library and right now, I'm at the library. My books were all overdue and so I had to return them. Actually, they are always overdue! I'm never on time!!
Time management is one thing that i think i really need to learn! I'm very careless...and I always forget things. i once made a time table for my study plan, but God! I could never follow it! hehe..
I even got a book on how to plan your day but i never read it and as it was overdue, i returned it to the library! (I didn't bother to renue it!!)
Today's my mum's birthday! We'll be going for a movie at night and and we'll be going bowling!
Had a holiday in school today!! Thank God tomorrow's a holiday! I hate school !! I mean, I like school cause all my friends are there and blah blah blah, but i don't like studying!! Wish I could protest against studies....but well, I have to study!!
(Sniff!Sniff!) Nah..I'm not crying!! I'm down with a cold!! I hate it! In fact, who likes having a cold! It's like, I love soft drinks!! And i like have it daily, and now I'm regretting!! God!!
I think I hate everything!! That's the 2nd thing I need to learn! To accept facts !
Anyways, my times up! Have to rush for music classes!! I think that's something I love !! Hey!! I don't hate evrything in life !! Duh-ah!! :p
Ciao people !!
Catch u all later.......


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